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Use of sanitary napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are an essential commodity for every woman, but the endless reports of events on the top of the news make every woman feel crisis and distrust. Let's learn some tips about sanitary napkins.

What must be paid attention to when choosing sanitary napkins?

The main structure includes non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, polymer material, absorption epoxy resin and PE film. After opening, it will be divided into three layers, namely the overall surface layer, the absorption core and the bottom layer. The whole surface layer and absorption core have the effect of absorbing menstrual blood, and the bottom layer avoids infiltration.

At present, there are three main products on the market: cotton, mesh and liquid.

The main difference between soft cotton and mesh is that the common materials of the overall surface layer are different. Soft cotton is a non-woven fabric with a mild sense of use. The overall surface layer of mesh surface is made of perforated film, which has good absorption and more air permeability.

As for the liquid which is more popular nowadays, in fact, the core layer is made of liquid raw material flexfoamtm, which can transfer a lot of liquid to the bottom layer. It has good sealing performance and the surface will not appear greasy, so it is relatively comfortable to use. But the price is very expensive.

What must be paid attention to when using sanitary napkins?

The period of validity of those not opened is generally three years. After opening, they are generally used up in the current month.

In terms of preservation, we also need to pay attention to avoiding wet natural environment as much as possible, and put it in a dry and natural ventilation place to prevent the growth of bacteria.

When using time, it must be replaced frequently, at least once every 2 ~ 3 hours, also to prevent bacterial infection.

Even if we choose well-known brand merchants to purchase sanitary napkins, we should also pay attention to our daily use habits. Usually, there is no problem with the goods themselves, but due to our carelessness, the goods have residues and do harm to our body.


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