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Disassembly of tampon equipment

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Introduction: tampon equipment disassembly is a problem that is encountered every day in industrial production. Therefore, if we focus on management and handle it with experience, we can totally improve the service life of tampon equipment as a result. What should we do in the disassembly process? Let's just take a look at it.

(1) Pre-preparation in advance.

  1. The workplace should be bright and spacious, flat and clean.
  2. Special tools are prepared in advance and complete with suitable specifications and models.
  3. Prepare the stand, separating basin, oil drum and other stand, separating basin, oil drum, etc.
  4. Tampon equipment

(2)Basic principles of ttampon equipment disassembly.

  1. According to the model and related data, the structural characteristics and assembly relationship can be clarified, and then determine the disassembly method and steps.

b.Correctly select special tools and equipment. When difficulties are encountered in disassembly, the causes should be identified first and appropriate methods should be adopted to solve the problem. Knocking is not allowed to prevent damage to parts and special tools, let alone the use of measuring tools and pliers replaced by hammers.

  1. When dismantling parts or assemblies with specified directions and markings, the directions and markings should be remembered, and if the markings are lost, they should be re-marked.
  2. In order to avoid damage or loss of removed parts, should be stored according to different sizes and precision, and stored in order, precision important parts special storage management.
  3. removed bolts, nuts, etc. should be installed back in place without affecting the maintenance to avoid loss and facilitate assembly.
  4. according to the need to disassemble, you can judge the individual situation is good, on the one hand, can save time and labor, on the other hand, can avoid damage and reduce the precision of parts assembly during disassembly. However, the parts that need to be disassembled must be disassembled, not careless, resulting in the quality of repair can not be guaranteed.


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