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Questions and Answers about Menstrual Tampons

Although there are many women who no longer resist tampons or even have the habit of using tampons, there is still insufficient expertise in tampon use to cause unreasonable and inaccurate harm to themselves.

How do I remove the tampon?

Usually a cotton thread is left on the outside. Once the product has absorbed enough menstrual blood in the vagina, the product will appear silky smooth. When removing and replacing, it is easier to pull out the cotton cord by hand than to put it in.


Do I need to remove the tampon to go to the toilet?

Note: it is stored in the vagina, not the urethra! The only thing to worry about is the small cotton cord that the product is left on the outside of the body and could accidentally be contaminated with urine or feces. Because the cotton rope is waterproof, there is no need to worry about being contaminated with urine, but if it is contaminated with feces, it is recommended to replace it with a new one!

How often should tampons be changed?

It can be placed in the body for 8 hours, and it is generally recommended to replace it every 4 to 6 hours. If you forget the set time, if the original stable product feels a little loose, it is full and needs to be replaced! If not replaced beyond these time periods, Toxic Cardiac Arrest Syndrome (TSS) may occur, leading to high amputation in some people!


What are the precautions for the use of tampons?

Even if it is an ordinary sanitary napkin, you have to wash your hands every time you change it! This is even more critical as the product needs to be placed in the body! Be sure to wash and sanitize your hands! Be sure to wash your hands! Be sure to wash and sanitize your hands! Say it three times!

Can every woman use a tampon?

No one is perfect, and no sanitary napkins are perfect. Of course, this product has flaws and isn't for everyone: if your body can't take it after a while, don't force yourself! If you suffer from diseases such as vaginal inflammation or have undergone related surgical treatment, please try to consult your doctor before use


Knowledge of the use of tampons is very important. Every woman in use needs to understand that you shouldn't hurt yourself by not paying attention to the steps because of convenience.


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