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Questions and Answers about Tampons

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Tampons are rarely used in China. Although most women know its existence and think it is also a very practical item, they dare not use it because of various misunderstandings.

Will tampons hurt the hymen?

can't! "Hymen" is not a layer of membrane, but a ring-shaped mechanism with holes in the middle. The size and form of each girl's hole are different. Just choose products with appropriate specifications and explore the correct posture of clear placement, so as not to hurt the hymen!

Will tampons run inside and outside the uterus?

can't! The smallest product diameter is 1.3cm, while the aperture of women's uterine mouth is 0.1 ~ 0.2cm. Therefore, even if the product is accidentally sent to the deepest part of the body, it will not run into the uterus! When placed in a suitable place, the malleable vaginal wall muscles will firmly hold the tampon, and the posture of walking and turning over will not affect it.

Will the tampon hurt or feel uncomfortable when it is put in?

In theory, as long as it is properly placed, there will be no discomfort. But in the process of operation, many women do have some discomfort during or after placement due to their lack of understanding of the body. They can only say that diligence can make up for weakness and practice more!

Can the tampon absorb the fallen endometrium?

sure! In addition to the liquid blood night, there are also exfoliated endometrium, which is also a solid visible to the human eye. The uneven position of the surface of the product can also be absorbed and taken out of the body when removing the cotton sliver.

Can tampons also be used when menstruation is heavy?

Yes! Sanitary napkins are divided into daily and night use. Cotton slivers are divided into specifications and sizes. When there is a large amount of menstruation, you can choose a larger cotton sliver! If there is only one specification, it's OK to wash it frequently!


The corresponding professional knowledge of tampon only needs to be understood thoroughly to understand that it actually liberates women to a greater extent and is a further commodity.


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