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Suggestions for Replacement of Dry Mesh Sanitary Napkin

We often say that we should pay attention to the timely replacement of dry mesh sanitary napkins. So, how often is it healthy to change it?


The age, blood volume and days of each person are different, which can not be simply summarized, but you can use the following methods as a reference.

DAY1: Due to the large amount of menstrual blood, it is best to replace the dry mesh sanitary napkin every two and a half hours from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the sleeping time should be maintained within 8 hours, so as to avoid side leakage caused by excessive menstrual blood and muggy discomfort caused by too long private sealing time. (equivalent to 6 pieces for daily use and 1 piece for night use)


DAY2: Generally speaking, it will be similar to the first day, but some people are in the opposite situation. On the second day, they have a large amount of blood, which needs to be replaced every 3 hours during the day. Therefore, as above, it is better to replace at least 6 dry mesh sanitary napkins every day!

DAY3: Menstruation gradually decreases. Change it every four hours. One tablet in the morning, one piece in the middle and one tablet in the evening. Plus the time to sleep, it should be 4 pieces.


DAY4: Do not use the regular dry mesh sanitary napkin when it is reduced in the later stage. It is too large and has a large heating area. Some women with a small amount will use it for one day, which is very bad. It is best to use a reduced version of sanitary cotton or pad, which is not only convenient but also saves costs. The most important thing is that the small and thin pad is not easy to cause moisture and inflammation to women's private parts.


DAY5: According to the survey of Chinese women's menstrual period, it is basically 5 days. Only a few people with irregular menstruation will last for a week or not. At this time, they can be free as long as they keep the dry mesh sanitary napkins clean or their underwear dry.

China's development is very classed. There is a certain distance between urban and rural women in health habits. Here we should seriously inform the majority of female friends that it is not advisable to pay the price of health because of saving dry mesh sanitary napkins.


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