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Testing Standards for Pure Cotton Sanitary Napkin

# Sanitary Napkins

A small piece of pure cotton sanitary napkin seems insignificant, but its production and quality inspection are very strict. Let's take a look at the national inspection regulations for this product.

Standard range of pure cotton sanitary napkins

The standard contains the technical requirements, test methods, marks, packaging and other contents of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads. It is specified that this standard is only applicable to structures with special design, that is, external physiological and sanitary articles formed by special machinery for women's menstrual period (sanitary napkin) and non menstrual period (sanitary pad), which are composed of outer covering materials, inner absorption layer, anti-seepage bottom membrane, etc.


Product classification of pure cotton sanitary napkins

Generally speaking, sanitary napkins are used when the effective length of the product is not less than 160mm, and sanitary pads are used when the effective length is less than 160mm. The standard specifically stipulates that manufacturers can produce sanitary napkins and sanitary pads of different specifications according to their needs. That is, the standard stipulates that only the specification deviation of the product is assessed, and the specification is not assessed. Pure cotton sanitary napkins are divided into three grades: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products according to quality, and sanitary pads are not divided.

Technical requirements for cotton sanitary napkins

Technical requirements include requirements for product appearance and technical indicators. Appearance requirements: the product shall be clean and uniform, soft to the touch, reasonable in structure, intact anti-seepage bottom layer, without damage and hard blocks; The seal shall not break during the water absorption test; The spraying effect of back glue requires that there will be no displacement during use, the clothes will not be damaged during stripping with underwear, and there can be no obvious spraying glue residue on the clothes. The anti sticking paper should not fall off by itself, and can be torn off naturally and completely during use. Technical indicators include: specification deviation of full length, full width and strip quality, water absorption ratio, permeability, including infiltration amount and front transverse infiltration width, pH value, adhesive strength and moisture of back glue. The total number of bacterial colonies, coliform, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria (referring to Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and hemolytic streptococcus) and the total number of fungal colonies shall be tested according to gb15979.

The national standard for pure cotton sanitary napkins is very strict, because they are women's personal items.


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