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Delivery Inspection of Soft Thin Sanitary Napkin

Soft thin sanitary napkin is a very common disposable female sanitary product in the market. Although the circulation in the market is huge, its inspection and delivery standards are very strict.

Type inspection of soft thinsanitary napkin.

The standard stipulates that the first article inspection must be carried out in five cases:①Trial production and finalization of new products;②New processes or materials are adopted;③Resume production after shutdown;④The production inspection is quite different from the last type inspection;⑤During normal production, type inspection shall be conducted once a quarter.

Delivery inspection of soft thinsanitary napkins.

The standard specifies:①The products must pass the inspection of the enterprise and be attached with the quality qualification mark before they can leave the factory;②Take one delivery as a batch, and the sample unit is box;③The product delivery inspection shall be carried out according to GB / t2828. The sampling scheme is the secondary sampling of normal inspection, with the inspection level of S-3, the qualified quality level AQL of class B nonconforming products is 4.0, and the AQL of class C nonconforming products is 6.5;④If the demander raises any objection to the product quality, it shall notify the supplier of joint re inspection within three months after arrival. If the re inspection is qualified, the Demander shall be responsible for handling, and if it is unqualified, the supplier shall be responsible for handling.

The above are the strict standards set by the state for the inspection and delivery of soft thin sanitary napkins. Therefore, if women buy soft thin sanitary napkins through formal channels, they don't need to worry about the product, because the state has checked for you in advance.


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