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Water retaining agent in baby nappy promotes the coupling effect of water and fertilizer

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The extensive use of baby nappy in China has become the current situation. Therefore, the result of discarding them immediately after use is a large area of environmental pollution. Therefore, we must find a method suitable for the recycling of waste baby nappy. Think about it. Because it has the function of washing liquid, can its own water retaining agent be used in agriculture?

Analyze baby nappy utilization by fertilization process

Irrigation and fertilization process: first, the fertilizer is mixed with the fertilizer solution; Secondly, pressure irrigation, which transports fertilizer to the roots of crops; Finally, it is a new modern technology in agricultural production to provide crop water and nutrition needs in time.

Its main features are as follows:

  1. Combination of fertilization and irrigation;
  2. Irrigation and fertilization in batches according to the law of water and fertilizer demand; This greatly improves the efficiency of water and the use and production efficiency of fertilizer.

This technology is also often referred to as water fertilizer integration. In fact, the name is only a narrow sense of water and fertilizer integration, or the concept of water and fertilizer coupling. With the rapid development of agriculture and the deepening of water and fertilizer management, more and more people put forward the new technical concept of water and fertilizer integration. Coupling water and fertilizer, promoting fertilizer with water, regulating water with fertilizer, continuously improving the mutual utilization efficiency of water and fertilizer, and promoting the improvement of yield and efficiency. This is a very effective and referential method for comprehensive regulation and management of farmland water and nutrients. The water described in the above article includes natural precipitation and irrigation water, as well as soil water, groundwater and surface water. On the one hand, the threat of water shortage should be considered, on the other hand, comprehensive pollution and waterlogging should be considered.

Water fertilizer coupling process or new agricultural technology:

  1. Comprehensive utilization of natural precipitation, irrigation water, groundwater and soil water;
  2. Combine water and fertilizer to supply crops to meet the needs of crop growth and production;
  3. The coupling of water and fertilizer can improve the utilization efficiency of water and fertilizer.


Analysis of baby nappy characteristics

The new concept of this technology has discussed and confirmed the water fertilizer slow-release efficiency of environmental functional materials, but its coupling and synergistic effect on water and fertilizer is rarely reported. At this stage, the common problems of most synthetic polymer water retaining agents are:

  1. Partial alkalinity, resulting in increased alkalinity of cultivation matrix (peat, soil and peat);
  2. The degradation products of a kind of water retaining agent have toxic effects on plants and matrix;
  3. Some water retaining agents are not conducive to the growth of plant roots and the absorption of nutrients;
  4. High polymer water retaining agent has a negative impact on the physical and chemical properties of the cultivation matrix, such as the water retaining agent binds to the matrix after absorbing water, reducing the permeability of the matrix;
  5. The development of sound field water retaining agent is limited due to its high raw material source and production process requirements and high price. baby nappyhave special physical structure and chemical characteristics, can absorb water quickly, and have special characteristics such as water retention, water saving and repeated water absorption.


China's 30% use of chemical fertilizer can only produce 26% of agricultural products, but the current situation of large use of fertilizer but low output is not optimistic, especially the lack of water and land. China's annual irrigation water is 3.6 * 1012m3, with a gap of more than 3.0 * 1010m3. The irrigation water efficiency is only 1kg / m3, less than 1 / 2 of that of developed countries. The high consumption and low efficiency mode of production not only causes ecological degradation, resource waste and environmental pollution, but also becomes the bottleneck restricting the sustainable development of agriculture. Therefore, the use of baby nappy water retaining agent is likely to be one of the key breakthroughs.


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