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Research Basis and Content of Water and Fertilizer Utilization of Waste Pull-ups

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The increase in people's living pressure is obvious to the naked eye, and products that are convenient and convenient are increasingly sought after by people. pull-ups has the advantages of convenience, anti-side leakage, anti-seepage, and throwing away after use. It has become a must-have for infants and the best choice for many parents. With the accelerated aging of the population, pull-ups has also become an incontinence product for the elderly. However, the production process of this product has high energy consumption and is accompanied by the production of carcinogens. If it is not handled properly, it will cause repeated pollution to the atmosphere, soil and water bodies.

Research basis for the utilization of waste pull-ups

At present, we must pay more attention to pull-ups environmental pollution, and invest more in the study of more reasonable and effective treatment methods. At present, some waste products are thrown away after being used, and after being turned into domestic waste, they are disposed of by landfill or incineration. In addition, the use of municipal solid waste for incineration will produce a large amount of toxic and harmful smog and odorous gas, which is harmful to the environment. As we all know, pull-ups absorbs a large amount of water and fertilizer, and incineration requires a large amount of energy supply, so the economic cost of incineration is high. As for its composition, most of them cannot be decomposed after landfill, which is easy to pollute the groundwater and soil environment. With the intensification of environmental pollution, water shortage and drought have become important factors restricting agricultural production. Enterprises began to pay more attention to environmental function water-retaining materials, and invested a lot of manpower and material resources in research and development of drought-resistant and water-retaining materials. At the same time, for the products that need a lot of treatment here, it is worth to study and explore whether the water absorbing agent in waste pull-ups can be used by plants after absorbing urine.


Discard pull-ups utilization research content

To study the water absorption characteristics and its effect on wheat germination, indoor experiments were mainly used to simulate the placement of diapers and wheat seeds in different RH environments, and the weight changes were weighed to judge the water absorption characteristics of the products and wheat seeds, and to find water-absorbing fertilizer wastes that were beneficial to wheat. Conditions for seed germination.

To study the effect of water absorbent and its adsorption of water and fertilizer on plant planting, seedlings and transplantation, use indoor plant cultivation laboratory experiments to perform water absorption treatment on wheat planting, soybean transplantation and cabbage seedlings, and study the recovery effect of water absorbent under the coupling conditions of different doses of water and fertilizer and its effects on plant growth, such as differences in relative growth height of wheat and the time delay in plant death under drought conditions. Explore the bioavailability of adsorbed water and fertilizers.

To study the effect of water-absorbing agent on soil water and fertilizer use efficiency, it is mainly an indoor simulation experiment to explore the effect of pull-ups water-absorbing agent on water and fertilizer use efficiency of sandy loam soil and the growth of drought-resistant plants. Study the differences between different plants and study the external conditions that affect root uptake. Adsorbents that adsorb the corresponding water and fertilizer doses were mixed with soil to determine soil water and fertilizer use efficiency and effects on plant growth.


Undoubtedly, research on abandoned pull-ups can effectively alleviate the burden on the environment. And it can also make full use of the ingredients in the product, which has a certain promotion effect on agricultural planting.


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