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Effect of Water Retaining Agent in Disposable Diaper on Soil Enzyme Activity

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At present, there are two main problems in agricultural development. First, insufficient water resources and low efficiency of fertilizer use. In response to these two points, the relevant personnel proposed the rational use of waste disposable diaper, according to its characteristics and combined with the current situation of agriculture. Experiment to see if disposable diaper medium water retention agents can have a positive effect on soil enzyme activity.

Feasibility analysis of disposable diaper pairs of soil enzymes

There are many major defects in mass fertilization, such as high cost, low environmental benefit, and insufficient fertilizer supply in the later stage of crop growth. Simple fertilization can protect the soil environment to a certain extent, but there are major defects such as high production costs and insufficient fertilizer supply at the seedling stage of crops. Soil enzymes mainly come from the root system of higher plants and soil organisms. The amount of soil enzymes is small, but its role cannot be ignored. Soil enzymes play an important role in organic matter decomposition and plant nutrient cycling. Soil enzymes are involved in various biochemical processes, have biocatalytic effects, and are closely related to environmental quality and productivity. Soil enzyme activities are commonly used to characterize soil fertility, soil microbial activity and soil quality indicators. Soil enzymes are related to fertility and are involved in the release and transformation of nutrients in the soil. In this way, evaluating soil fertility by soil nutrients and soil enzymes is more convincing than evaluating soil fertility by soil nutrients. Soil enzyme activity has such a significant impact and close relationship on soil fertility as an important biological indicator for fertilization treatment control measures.

Hydrolase is the most studied at present, followed by invertase and oxidoreductase. Urease and phosphatase are hydrolases; invertases include glucansucrase, dehydrogenase and catalase are oxidoreductases. Urease plays an important role in the transformation and action of soil urea, and is related to the nitrogen cycle in the soil biogeochemical cycle. Its product, ammonia, is one of the sources of nitrogen for plants. On the one hand, the activity of catalase is too high, and H2O2 is almost completely decomposed, which reduces soil redox potential and is not conducive to crop growth; on the other hand, catalase acts as an oxidoreductase to decompose H2O2 in soil to eliminate toxicity. Dehydrogenase is an important enzyme in soil, and its activity can be used to indicate the activity of soil microorganisms as an indicator for simple toxicity detection and pollution monitoring.


Analysis of the effect of waste disposable diaper on agriculture

Soil enzyme activity studies are not only to determine biological activity, but also to find a comprehensive index of enzyme activity to represent external management conditions, or changes in soil chemistry and biochemistry. Many enzymes are well suited as such indicators. Numerous studies have shown that soil enzyme activity is very sensitive to most land management practices, including soil compaction, decomposition of plant residues, crop rotation and tillage. Thus, soil enzyme activity can identify strengths and weaknesses of soil management practices over a short period of time, whereas changes in organic matter must be evident over a long period of time.

Therefore, the reuse of the adsorbent in waste disposable diaper for crop planting in arid areas is not only conducive to the treatment and disposal of waste disposable diaper, but also can use the adsorbed water and fertilizer at low cost, which is both economical and environmentally friendly, and is an important part of the research and development of waste disposable diaper treatment and disposal technology. direction.


Since the heavy use of disposable diaper has become an established fact, it is a good idea to change your thinking and turn it into a treasure for better application in other fields when you fully understand its characteristics. Studying the impact of abandoned disposable diaper on agriculture is a good exploration.


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