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Current Standard for Pads Without Wings

Pads without wings are the most common disposable sanitary products in the market, but most women are not very clear about their specific index requirements. They only pursue a few simple indexes and appearance. Then let's see what the national requirements for several indexes are.

Requirements for absorption capacity of pads without wings

Pads without wings is an external physiological sanitary product used by women during menstruation, and its absorption capacity is an important technical index. Both the old and new standards stipulate that the absorption capacity includes "water absorption ratio" (the original standard is called "saturated water absorption") and "permeability". The "permeability" of the original standard includes three specific indexes: "infiltration time", "front transverse diffusion width" and "leakage". The current standard changes the "infiltration time" of the original standard to "infiltration amount", retains the "front transverse diffusion width" index and cancels the "leakage index".

Requirements for water absorption ratio of pads without wings

Water absorption ratio is an important indicator of the amount of liquid absorbed by pads without wings. Whether it can meet the standard directly affects the service performance of products. With the improvement of living conditions and the change of living habits, when consumers use sanitary napkins, the use time of each sanitary napkin has been greatly shortened. Therefore, the current standard adjusts the water absorption ratio from 10.5 (Class A), 9.5 (class B) and 9.0 (Class C) times of the original standard to 9.0 times (excellent products, first-class products and qualified products). From our current test results, all test samples meet the requirements of water absorption ratio.

With the continuous standardization of the market, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the right to know the quality of pads without wings. Therefore, the efficacy of the product must be clearly marked by each user, so that each user can know the product's efficacy.


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