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Current Standard for Three-piece Sanitary Napkin

The national sanitary requirements for three piece sanitary napkins are constantly updated and tightened, and strive to protect the reasonable rights and interests of consumers. Let's take a look at the current national index requirements for three piece sanitary napkins.

Requirements for the total number of fungal colonies in three piece sanitary napkins

The original three piece sanitary napkin standard does not have the indicator of the total number of fungal colonies, while the current standard increases the detection of the total number of fungal colonies, which stipulates that the total number of fungal colonies of ordinary sanitary napkins shall not be greater than 10cfu / g, and fungal colonies shall not be detected in disinfection sanitary napkins. Fungi are the only species with nuclei in microorganisms. There are two types of molds and yeasts. Molds are branched and widely distributed in nature. Mass reproduction will cause all kinds of moldy and rotten goods, as well as human diseases. For example, dermatophytes can cause dermatomycosis, Aspergillus flavus can cause liver lesions, Penicillium citrinum can cause kidney lesions, and so on. The shape of yeast is round and spherical. It mostly lives in the environment with sugar, which is easy to cause the fermentation and deterioration of goods. After processing, yeast can be used to make bread, steamed bread and other food and wine. When detecting the total number of fungal colonies, add the sample solution to Sabouraud medium, culture at 20 ~ 25 ~ C for 7 days, and observe whether there is fungal growth day by day. If the fungal culture tube is turbid, it shall be transferred to Sabouraud agar medium, cultured at 28 ° for 72 hours, and then observed for 7 days, and the number of colonies on the plate shall be calculated.

Evaluation of hygienic indexes and actual level of three piece sanitary napkin

Judging from the sanitary napkin samples we have tested this year, the microbial indicators of some well-known brands in the market are quite good. The total number of bacterial colonies of most well-known brands of ordinary sanitary napkins is better than the standard of ordinary products, reaching the level of disinfection grade and ≤ 20c: Fu / g} some samples of ordinary sanitary napkins have not detected fungal colonies, and also reached the level that fungal colonies cannot be detected in disinfection grade sanitary napkins. This shows that the overall quality level of microbial indicators of sanitary napkin products in China is satisfactory according to gb15979-1995 standard. However, it was also found that the total number of fungal colonies in sanitary napkin products exceeded the standard in some small-scale enterprises with poor production conditions and quality management.

Both consumers and producers must have a clear idea of the index requirements of three piece sanitary napkins, so that enterprises do not produce inferior products, and consumers know how to identify inferior products.


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