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Market Analysis of Hot Melt Adhesive for Pull-ups

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At present, the gradual opening of the domestic fertility policy has driven people's recognition of pull-ups products. With the surge in orders, the demand for products has increased, and the demand for raw materials has also increased. Among them is the need for hot melt adhesives. Whether it is pull-ups categories of sanitary products industry, or even construction and many other industries are widely used. The following will talk about the development of its domestic market.

Domestic pull-ups hot melt adhesive development

In the early production of hot melt adhesives in my country, rosin, paraffin, asphalt, etc. were generally used, which were mainly used in the furniture industry. It was not until the advent of polymer synthetic materials that it developed rapidly. Based on the emergence of EVA, SBS, etc., the material industry is booming in the United States. Due to its outstanding advantages of environmental protection, fast curing speed and high degree of automatic production, it is one of the fastest growing adhesive varieties in the past ten years. In 1998, its output accounted for about 20% of the total output of adhesives in some developed countries. By 2010, production in these countries had doubled to 40% of total adhesive production. Hot melt adhesives have maintained steady growth, with sales rising to $5.014 billion in 2019.

China's hot melt adhesive industry started in 1985, from 1985 to 1994, and by 2004, the industry began to develop rapidly, the output was also growing rapidly, and the applications in various industries were also booming, and China was gradually maturing in the industry. Generally speaking, after going through the rapid development stage, the development of the industry has entered the stage of maturity and transformation. Judging from the sales and sales from 2008 to 2014, the industry has shown a trend of steady growth, indicating that the adhesive is becoming more and more important in modern industrial production and application, and has become the mainstream of adhesive development in my country and an inevitable choice for environmental protection.


Currently pull-ups main types of use in China

The Chinese market is mainly based on hot melt adhesives with EVA resin as the polymer matrix, accounting for about 41.8% of the total market share, mainly used in packaging, glue sticks, bookbinding and other industries, which also shows that China is a labor-intensive country. Secondly, the hot melt adhesive with styrene block copolymer SBC as the base resin accounts for about 30.6%, which is mainly used in labels, tapes, medical and health care, women's products and other industries. In addition, there are polyolefin, polyester, polyamide and other types.

Styrene thermoplastic elastomer has a unique structure and belongs to a two-phase structure. It has good compatibility with various tackifying resins and has a relatively small melt viscosity. Therefore, hot melt adhesives have their own characteristics, but also have pressure-sensitive adhesive characteristics and good peel strength. , a certain re-stickiness, does not contaminate the sticky surface, and is widely favored in the pull-ups industry.


In the production process of pull-ups, the choice of glue does not depend on whether its viscosity is large, but on the functions required by the design of the product itself and the characteristics of the product type itself. Moreover, with the continuous development of domestic viscose technology, there will definitely be related materials more suitable for pull-ups in the future.


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