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Main Maintenance Methods of Disposable Diaper Machinery

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Introduction: with the continuous progress of science and technology and the rapid development of modern production, the quality of disposable diaper machinery, as an important factor determining the output, quality and cost of product production, plays a more and more important role. Disposable diaper machines will inevitably produce varying degrees of strain, distortion or damage in the process of use. With the extension of time, their technical state will gradually deteriorate and their use performance will decline. As an important part of equipment management, equipment maintenance is an important guarantee to prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the normal operation of production and prevent accidents. Compared with other methods, the following main methods of mechanical maintenance of disposable diapers are more widely used.

Planned maintenance method of disposable diaper machinery

As a preventive maintenance system, planned maintenance has been widely promoted and applied in industrial enterprises since the 1950s to ensure that the configuration is in good condition and achieved good results.

There are several methods for planned equipment maintenance:

(1) The standard maintenance method is the compulsory maintenance method. This method is often used for equipment that must strictly ensure safe operation. This method makes a specific plan in advance for the date, category and content of the equipment. Regardless of the technical status of the equipment during operation, it shall be implemented in strict accordance with the plan.

(2) Regular maintenance method. This method is to formulate the planned date and approximate repair workload of the maintenance work according to the use of the equipment and referring to the relevant maintenance cycle. The exact work arrangement is specified in detail according to the preparation before each repair.

(3) Post inspection maintenance method. This law only stipulates the inspection plan of the machine in advance, and determines the repair date and content according to the inspection results and previous maintenance data.

On the one hand, the planned repair method can restore the working capacity of the equipment in time and prevent possible accidents; On the other hand, you can arrange its use and maintenance time in advance, and prepare the people, money and materials required for maintenance; At the same time, it can also shorten the maintenance time and improve the maintenance quality.


Mechanical diagnosis technology and condition maintenance of disposable diapers

Compared with traditional inspection, mechanical diagnosis technology has developed from relying on personnel's sensory judgment to a large number of advanced scientific instruments and meters; From manual test to electronic instrument display in configuration and operation; It is undertaken by senior skilled workers, and developed into that ordinary machine operators can also undertake it due to the use of scientific and convenient instruments and meters; From detection under shutdown to direct detection without shutdown; The purpose of detection is to detect strain (wear, corrosion, etc.) and prevent faults, and to predict the natural life of equipment. At present, this technology has developed into a systematic maintenance management method, which can monitor the single parts and main components of the whole set of equipment, as well as the whole set of equipment.

Machine condition monitoring is based on the information provided by its daily supervision, regular inspection, condition monitoring and diagnosis, through statistical analysis and processing, to judge its deterioration degree, and carry out appropriate repair in a planned way before the failure occurs. Equipment condition based maintenance is recognized as the higher of all modes. Using this condition based maintenance can grasp and eliminate the hidden trouble in time, so as to improve the intact rate and utilization rate of equipment, improve the quality of repair work, save various costs and improve the overall benefit.

Disposable diaper machinery

Post repair method of disposable diaper machinery

In the maintenance of equipment, there is another method called post repair method, or fault repair method, that is, the method of repairing when it is broken and not repairing when it is not broken. This method is only suitable for a large number of general machinery.


All disposable diaper mechanical pipes, maintenance and operation personnel must strictly implement the maintenance procedures and safety operation procedures, correctly use them according to the original technical performance, strictly implement the rules and regulations and regular maintenance system, clean, lubricate, fasten, adjust and prevent corrosion. When the machinery is operated to the fixed time of maintenance cycle, it must be maintained according to the regulations.


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