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Standard for Female Sanitary Napkins (2008)

# Sanitary Napkins

China has always attached great importance to female sanitary napkins, and new standards will be produced every few years. Let's look at some standard changes.

Changes in the standard nature of female sanitary napkins

The original gb8939 is a mandatory national standard, while GB / t8939 is changed into a recommended national standard. Although the nature of GB / t8939 is recommended, it does not mean that manufacturers can or can not adopt it, because the hygienic requirements in GB / t8939 comply with the mandatory national standard of gb15979 hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products. female sanitary napkins are physiological hygiene products. Unqualified hygiene indicators may directly endanger human health. Therefore, the hygiene indicators remain unchanged and the provisions of gb15979 are still implemented, which is in line with the principle of safety and health. In other words, GB / t8939 is adopted voluntarily by other project enterprises, except that health requirements are mandatory standards and must be implemented. However, if the sanitary requirements of sanitary napkins produced by the enterprise do not meet the provisions of gb15979, the production and sales are still prohibited.

Changes in product classification of femalesanitary napkins

Two classification methods are added: classification by product surface material and classification by product function, and the product type is defined in specifications. According to the surface material of the product, it is divided into three categories: soft cotton, dry mesh and pure cotton. It is divided into ordinary type and functional type according to product function.

Female sanitary napkins have a great impact on women. If the product has quality defects, it may cause some gynecological diseases, so the state attaches great importance to it.


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