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Standard for Sanitary Napkins(2008)

# Sanitary Napkins

As a long-term companion of women in their life, women need to have a detailed understanding of sanitary napkins. This article briefly explains the changes of national standards in 2008.

Cancel the quality grade classification and the requirements for the effective length of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads

According to the original gb8939: sanitary napkins with an effective length greater than 160mm and sanitary pads with an effective length less than 160mm. According to the technical quality, it is divided into three grades: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products.

GB / t8939 cancels the requirements of quality grade classification and classification of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads according to effective length. This is in line with the principle of product marketization. At present, new sanitary products with different types, structures, materials and functions emerge in endlessly. As long as they can meet the use functions of the products, there is no need to rigidly limit the effective length of sanitary napkins and sanitary pads.

Reasons for canceling the effective length requirement of sanitary napkins

Canceling the quality grade classification is based on the development status of the whole sanitary napkin industry, so that the current standards are technologically advanced, economically reasonable and meet the requirements in use. At the same time, both the market and consumers need to be considered, and only the technical requirements of the most basic qualified products that must be met need to be specified.

Then about the explanation of sanitary napkins, this article simply mentioned the above points. For more information, you can also read my other articles.


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