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Standard for Sanitary Pad (2008)

# Sanitary Pad

This article introduces the content of the adjustment of the standard value of the inspection items required by the China technical requirements for sanitary pads in 2008, which can enable professionals to further understand its historical changes.

Adjust the front transverse infiltration and expansion width of the sanitary pad

The standard value of inspection items in the technical requirements is adjusted, and the item of front transverse diffusion width is cancelled in GB / t8939. The original gb8939 only stipulated that the front transverse infiltration and expansion width should be tested for superior sanitary mats, and this technical requirement is a qualitative index. Since gbt8939 cancels the quality grade classification and carries out quantitative assessment on the infiltration quantity items, it is no longer necessary to specify the front horizontal infiltration width items.


Adjust the deviation index of sanitary pad

GB / t8939 has stricter requirements on deviation than the original gb8939. The deviation index mainly reflects the stability of product quality. Small deviation indicates that the specification and size of the product are stable. The water absorption ratio reflects the absorption capacity of the sanitary pad. The absorption of the sanitary pad is mainly completed by fluff pulp, polymer water absorbent resin or water absorbent paper in the absorption layer. The higher the water absorption ratio, the stronger the absorption capacity of the product. To improve the water absorption ratio, the main thing is to increase the amount of high molecular water absorption resin added to the absorption layer. However, excessive pursuit of high water absorption ratio will not only increase the production cost, but also cause a waste of resources. The reasonable water absorption ratio not only meets the use function, but also saves the cost. GB / t8939 relaxes the requirements for water absorption ratio: the water absorption ratio of sanitary pad is not less than 7.0 times, and that of sanitary pad is not less than 2.0 times. This index is adjusted to make the regulation of water absorption ratio more reasonable and economical.


The above is the explanation of the sanitary pad in 2008. If you want to know more, you can follow my other articles.


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