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Analysis on the Use of Baby Diapers

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With the comprehensive effect of factors such as the rapid development of economy and the improvement of material level, people's consumption concept is also constantly changing, and people are more and more experiencing the great convenience brought by supplies. Among them, baby diapers have become the necessary daily necessities for infants and the best choice for many parents because of their excellent characteristics of anti side leakage, throwing immediately after use and anti-seepage. A variety of carcinogens will be produced in the production process, with high energy consumption. It should be handled carefully after use, otherwise it will cause irreversible damage to the atmosphere, soil and water body.

Analysis on the use of baby diapers abroad

The report shows that 81.3% of baby diapers abroad discard 2 * 107t every year, enough to spread several times on the earth; Britain's utilization rate has reached more than 90%, throwing away about 3 billion or 750000 tons of diaper waste every year; In addition, the popularity of the product in France and Sweden is quite high, 97.5% and 99.6% respectively.


Analysis on the use of baby diapers in China

Domestic demand for baby diapers is on the rise. The low coverage of Chinese products and the great development trend of global production transfer to China have created the rapid development of China's related industries and attracted the attention of the world. Baby diapers will soon become the driving force for the growth of sanitary products in China. The use of disposable products has brought great convenience to mankind. However, due to the rapid increase of its dosage, it is not easy to degrade due to improper treatment, which also brings a series of environmental problems. Due to the late emergence of the Chinese market, the market coverage is slightly lower than that of other countries, but more than 80% of infants in Beijing, Shanghai and other rapidly developing regions still use diapers. In 2008, the report showed that the total domestic consumption reached 8 billion pieces in one year, and the annual waste products exceeded 2 * 10't. In recent years, the gradual increase of the proportion of the elderly population also shows the great potential of the adult incontinence products market from another angle. According to relevant data, China's population over the age of 60 reached 106.4 million, accounting for 8.05% of the total population. It can be inferred that China's adult use market will have huge development space. There is no doubt that this kind of waste treatment will increase the pressure on the environment.

From January to February 2014, the statistics of the local inspection and quarantine department showed that the import volume was very large. For example, there are 70 batches of inspection in Ningbo, with a quantity of 598.66t. The Bureau inspected the import of 1.25 * 10t disposable sanitary products such as baby diapers and baby diapers, far exceeding the import volume of 81.7t in 2013. The penetration rate of many foreign countries, such as the United States, is close to 100%, which forms an obvious contrast with foreign countries. China's penetration rate has not even reached 40%. It can be seen that China's market can be further expanded.


The rising demand for baby diapers will bring high returns to employees. At the same time, the generation of a large number of products will put pressure on the environment. Such a negative impact is also worthy of attention by relevant enterprises. Therefore, find a way to reuse waste and contribute to environmental protection.


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