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Treatment Technology of Waste Training Pants

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Training pants production process and waste environmental pollution are two problems we must face after use. First, look for new production raw materials; Second, improve the post-processing technology; Third, completely change the concept of consumption. At present, we urgently need to take effective measures to choose cleaning methods and control environmental pollution. Using biotechnology to control the environment is not new in the field of environmental research. In environmental pollution control, biotechnology has the obvious advantages of high efficiency, low cost and no secondary pollution. It provides an effective way for pollution control and plays a great role in ecological restoration. Therefore, we can find a way to turn waste into treasure and apply it to all aspects of agricultural production.

Burning of training pants

At present, incineration is the most commonly used method in solid waste treatment. The main advantage is that solid waste can be reduced, but the problem of air pollution can not be ignored. As we all know, training pants absorb a lot of water and fertilizer, and incineration requires a lot of energy supply, so the economic cost of incineration is high. In addition, the product enters the municipal solid waste incineration, which will produce a large number of toxic substances, such as smoke, dust and malodorous gas, which will endanger the environment.


Landfill of training pants

Landfill is very common in daily life. Its advantage is to avoid air environmental pollution caused by incineration, but landfill treatment may leak waste liquid and cause serious pollution to surface water and groundwater. Such huge waste training pants are only buried, burned and discarded at will. Because they are difficult to degrade and insoluble in water, no matter what method is adopted, they will produce immeasurable environmental pollution:

  1. After being buried, it is isolated from the air and sunlight, so it is extremely difficult to decompose. Each one takes 500 years to degrade, of which the plastic component accounts for 30% of the total, which belongs to the part that cannot be decomposed;
  2. Since most of them are discarded after use, with excreta, these pollutants may seep into groundwater and soil with leachate, becoming a hotbed for breeding microorganisms and causing serious pollution to groundwater resources;
  3. Discarded training pants contain a lot of bacteria and dirt, causing air pollution. From this point of view, at present, no matter what kind of disposal and treatment methods will cause repeated pollution to the environment.

Therefore, it is urgent to develop economic, efficient and environmental friendly waste product treatment.


Recycling of training pants

Since incineration and landfill sites cause secondary pollution to the environment, can we consider finding a better way to treat the waste on the one hand and reuse the waste on the other hand. Therefore, on the one hand, researchers are committed to the R & D and promotion of new products. The basic concept is to find new production materials, including new surface coating, fish protein gel, guar gum, jade bamboo fiber and other new absorbent materials. On the other hand, pay more attention to the improvement of processing technology, including:

(1) Innovation of incineration equipment and technology;

(2) Recycling;

(3) "SFD" processing system;

(4) Application of pulverizer.

The urgent priority is to take action to pay attention to environmental pollution.


Whether it is changing raw materials or improving treatment equipment and process, it is faced with the treatment of absorbent resin and urine, accounting for% of the dry weight of training pants and hundreds of times of urine. At present, these treatment and disposal methods must either use drying or fermentation to consume water and fertilizer, or burn all materials and adsorbed substances, which not only consumes energy and wastes resources, but also accompanies certain environmental pollution. The training pants that are burned in incinerator and then treated with chloride will release dioxin and dioxin.


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