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Application of Abandoned Baby Pants in Agriculture

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There are two main reasons restricting agricultural development: one is water shortage; Second, the fertilizer utilization efficiency is low. How to use fertilizer efficiently under the condition of applying a small amount of water resources to achieve the purpose of efficient production. The reason why baby pants can be used in production is mainly because the water absorbent and water retaining agent in baby pants can improve soil structure, reduce water evaporation and improve water use efficiency. In many research reports, the coupling of water and fertilizer and the role of water and fertilizer in controlling slow-release are mentioned. Agricultural production needs a lot of irrigation water and fertilizer. How to make effective use of the scarce water resources is worthy of in-depth thinking and research.

Water retaining effect of water retaining agent in baby pants

Improving water use efficiency can make a significant contribution to agricultural development. There are few water resources and efficient utilization of water resources in arid areas. The more urgent task is how to improve water use efficiency. "The key is water, and the way out is fertilizer". In these arid areas, how to effectively realize the efficient coupling of water and fertilizer and improve crop yield is a key problem in arid areas.

Scholars at home and abroad pay more and more attention to the application of water retaining agent, mainly the broad prospect of water. More than 85% - 95% of water retaining agent is the effective water that plants can effectively use. By regulating soil gas, heat, water and fertilizer, it can affect growth. It can also improve soil water holding capacity, increase soil permeability, improve soil structure and slow down soil water evaporation. It is widely used in water-saving agriculture and ecological environment restoration. At present, the research on cash crops and food agricultural products has been very common. However, little research has been done on the water absorbent and water retaining agent after absorbing water and fertilizer in baby pants.


Effect of water retaining agent in baby pantson soil aggregate structure

Soil fertility has always been an important index for experts to analyze and evaluate soil. Soil fertility can be divided into three parts: soil physical fertility, soil microbial fertility and soil structural fertility. Soil physical fertility is the contribution of soil structure to fertility; It determines whether the fertilizer elements in the soil can be released, the migration in the soil and the survival of soil organisms. Therefore, soil structure and soil fertility are listed as basic fertility. The water retaining agent can significantly promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, especially for the particle size of 0.5-4mm. The agronomic value of particles with particle size greater than 0.25mm is self-evident, which plays a main role in evaluating the standard and basis of soil structure. With the gradual increase of water retaining agent, the particle cluster structure of agricultural value in the soil increases, and the content of these large particle aggregates in the soil increases. The formation of large aggregates improves the permeability of the soil, helps to stabilize the soil structure, prevent topsoil crust, improve porosity, and improve temperature and nutrition. Add water retaining agent to the soil to make it loose, which is caused by its expansibility. On the one hand, increase soil liquid phase, on the other hand, reduce gas and solid phase. This can improve the hydrothermal condition and soil structure.


In recent years, environmental functional materials have obvious advantages in improving soil structure, reusability and basically no major pollution. They have been widely used in all aspects of agricultural production. Improve crop yield and water and fertilizer application efficiency. This excellent environmental material has become a new technology and new way to save water and increase production. The water retaining agent in baby pants can absorb a large amount of free water and irrigation water to prevent deep leakage and evaporation of water in the soil. A gelatinous state formed after water absorption locks and stores moisture. When the soil is dry and short of water, on the one hand, the water retaining agent slowly releases and absorbs water for the growth of plants and crops; On the other hand, reduce temperature difference, improve soil structure and promote crop growth. Foreign experts predict that water retaining agent will become the fourth largest agricultural chemical after chemical fertilizer, pesticide and film.


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