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Common Sense of Normal Temperature Structural Adhesive for Adult Diapers

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As an employee in the adult diaper industry, we should consider how the use of tackifying resin, manufacturers of different models, the use of SIS and the parameters of styrene elasticity will affect the performance of hot melt adhesive. Judge what will change the properties of these factors. So that the normal temperature structural adhesive of adult diapers with satisfactory performance can be prepared on this basis.

Adult diaper structural glue from different manufacturers

The properties of hot melt adhesives prepared by similar tackifying resins produced by different manufacturers are also very different. Generally speaking, petroleum resin has higher melting viscosity and softening point. The comprehensive properties of rosin resin are better than petroleum resin. The properties of petroleum resin modified by copolymerization and hydrogenation are improved.

With the increase of the amount of viscous resin, the initial viscosity of hot melt adhesive gradually decreases, and the 180 ° peel strength first increases and then decreases; With the increase of rosin resin dosage, the softening point and melting viscosity of colloid increased gradually; The amount of C5 petroleum resin is closely related to the change of colloidal softening point. The increase of the former drives the gradual increase of the latter, followed by the increase of melting viscosity first and then decrease.

With the increase of elastomer dose, the softening point, melting viscosity and initial viscosity of colloid gradually increase, and the 180 ° peel strength fluctuates from cohesion failure to interface failure; With the increase of block ratio of Styrene Elastomer, the softening point of rubber increases, and the melting viscosity, 180 ° peel strength and initial viscosity decrease; The softening point and melting viscosity of SIS are lower than SBS, which is more suitable for the preparation of low temperature hot melt adhesive; When the content of double block increases in a certain range, the softening point and melting viscosity of SIS gradually decrease, the initial viscosity basically has no obvious change, and the 180 ° peel strength increases first and then decreases; Relative molecular weight, softening point, melting viscosity and other parameters will be higher than linear sis.


Take the performance of adult diapers as the main basis

According to the performance requirements of normal temperature structural adhesive for adult diapers, appropriate thermoplastic elastomer and tackifying resin were selected. Through the continuous optimization of the properties of hot melt adhesive, the formula of normal temperature structural adhesive for adult diapers was formulated and compared with the products of various companies.


Compared with other adhesives, hot melt adhesives have incomparable advantages and wide applications. With the continuous optimization of the performance of raw materials and the continuous improvement of glue mixing methods, gluing equipment, working environment and safety, it will provide some support for enterprises to improve the quality of glue, which is not limited to the application of adult diapers, but also the hot melt adhesive will have a very broad application prospect in the future.


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