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How to Use Negative Ion Chip Sanitary Napkin?

There are many girls who are at a loss when dealing with their first menstrual period, so at this time, you only need to use negative ion chip sanitary napkin according to the following method.

Take out negative ion chip sanitary napkin

Buy a pack at a mall or small store. After taking it back, tear off the packaging of the product, take out a product, find a no-man's land, tear off the independent packaging, and then you can see the product to be used. Well, generally speaking, these are sticky negative ion chip sanitary napkins with side wings, which are more practical and especially suitable for girls.

Paste negative ion chip sanitary napkin

After unpacking, take out the product, take out the pants to be pasted, reveal the narrowest part of the pants, tear off the sticky note at the bottom of the product, and then align the side of the product with the narrowest part to put the product on the pants, then tear off and stick it on one side The paper strip on the upper side of the wing is attached to the narrowest part of the waistband to protect the trousers, and then torn like the other side and removed from the paper strip on the other side of the product. One side of the wing is glued to the pants like this so the negative ion chip sanitary napkin can be held securely.

Put on pants after negative ion chip sanitary napkin minutes

You can also wear pants if you stick the product firmly to your pants. If you stick the part in place, the center of the product points right into your vagina, so after the blood comes out, it can flow onto the product. negative ion chip sanitary napkin has a very strong adsorption capacity, which can absorb your menstrual blood. A good product is not only absorbent, but also maintains a comfortable feel so you don't feel wet at all. , you can exercise with peace of mind, and menstrual blood will not stick to areas outside the product.


In fact, the use of negative ion chip sanitary napkin also depends on experience. As long as you use it a few times, you will naturally understand. You may be at a loss when you get it for the first time, but you will get used to it later.


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