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How Do Women Choose Menstrual Pants?


Women need to use a lot of menstrual pants in their life, so how to choose goods suitable for their own needs? The following aspects need to be done well.

Patients with gynecological diseases should not use tampons, but menstrual pants

For women suffering from gynecological diseases, it is not recommended to use tampons. Tampons should be inserted into women's vagina, which will enhance the opportunity of influence.


When vaginitis comes on, choose dry mesh menstrual pants

For women with vaginitis, products with good ventilation are suitable for them. It is not easy to lock the hot air and cause odor, which makes women feel comfortable.

Pure cotton mesh menstrual pants are suitable for most people

For physically and mentally healthy women, the equipment of pure cotton mesh is good. Because the surface layer of pure cotton is more infectious to the skin and has good water permeability. Especially for women with particularly sensitive skin.


Menstrual pants with fragrance and cool feeling are used in summer

Women's menstrual blood has sufficient nutritional elements, which has become a culture medium for the massive growth of bacteria. Where germs gather, the taste is undoubtedly not good, so female friends can use products with aroma or cool feeling in hot weather

When the amount is large, wear spherical menstrual pants

Concave and convex surfaces are two different leakage methods. The spherical surface leaks faster in an instant, which is suitable for those days with large menstrual blood volume. Although the penetration rate of the convex surface is a little slower, it is not easy to seep out because the thickened type is located in the middle, so it is suitable for going out or using at night.


The above five points are the matters that women need to pay attention to when choosing menstrual pants, which can be effectively selected according to their specific conditions.


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