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Correct Maintenance Method of Intelligent Diaper Equipment

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The traditional maintenance methods and experience based on mechanical equipment and the bathtub curve fault characteristics widely understood by maintenance personnel are not suitable for this kind of equipment. The future smart factory will be the trend of diaper equipment. Therefore, understanding the fault characteristics of such equipment and summarizing maintenance methods are important topics in the construction of smart factory.

This article points out the direction of intelligent operation and maintenance of traditional equipment, but it is far from simple and intelligent.

Fault characteristics of intelligent diaper equipment

Intelligent equipment refers to manufacturing equipment with the functions of perception, analysis, reasoning, decision-making and control. It is the integration and deep integration of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology. The faults of intelligent equipment show the following characteristics:

(1) Traditional mechanical faults still exist, but will be greatly reduced. Although the intelligent equipment has advanced micro processing center, the final machining process still needs mechanical methods consistent with the traditional machining mode, such as cutting, hot machining and so on

(2) Maintenance of new intelligent system, including system backup, virus detection and other operations. Generally speaking, there are: first, after the new machine is powered on for the first time. Second, before and after any modification. Third, regular backup and recovery of equipment, such as once a week. Fourth, the maintenance of control computer.

(3) Different from the traditional maintenance methods, the faults of intelligent equipment are mostly electrical faults, which have clear requirements for dust-proof, anti-static and other environmental protection. This also determines that the complexity of maintenance is relatively high.

(4) Unlike traditional mechanical equipment, intelligent equipment presents more invisible faults. For example, the coordinates of the robot are disordered, or it runs in low-speed mode. These faults are mostly caused by the mismatch of control system parameters or production system, such as overload and other factors.

(5) Burstiness is also a fault feature of intelligent devices. Traditional model classes show different gradients, and sudden failures of intelligent devices increase. This is mainly caused by software system failure or bug, or electrical interference factors.

(6) According to statistics, the electrical faults of intelligent equipment account for 79-80% of the total faults. The elimination of such faults requires high professionalism.

(7) Due to the development of intelligent equipment and the low degree of standardization of parts, special maintenance technology is required for different brands, which poses a challenge to the cultivation of enterprise maintenance resources.

Smart diaper device

Maintenance policy of intelligent diaper equipment

In the new manufacturing environment, equipment management will face unprecedented challenges. Traditional technical methods and organizational management will be difficult to effectively ensure the operation of diaper equipment, which needs innovation or redesign. We emphasize the following points:

(1) Strategically, it attaches importance to the new development of equipment technology. The smart factory needs to put the maintenance department in an important position of ensuring production, rather than the logistics support and auxiliary departments.

(2) The traditional means of "looking, smelling and touching" are no longer effective, but the knowledge-based talents who master special diagnostic technology need to be trained.

(3) Pay more attention to 5S and TPM concepts. As mentioned above, intelligent equipment has higher requirements for the operating environment, and the maintenance and daily maintenance of equipment have a greater impact on the health level of equipment.

(4) It is no longer a wrench + cone, but a manual + computer. Special diagnostic tools, electronic maintenance, interactive electronic graphics and other tools will be the standard for maintenance personnel.


CHINA MADE 2025 and Internet+ action focused on intelligent manufacturing, and put forward the development of intelligent manufacturing. Among the six intellectualization, equipment intellectualization is the foundation and focus. Intellectualization will be the main trend of diaper equipment. Correct maintenance can make it develop better!


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