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Precautions for the Use of Far-infrared Chip Sanitary Napkin

Far-infrared chip sanitary napkin is a new type of functional sanitary napkin, and most people don't know how to use it, so let's take a look at what to pay attention to when using this kind of  product?

Wash your hands before using far-infrared chip sanitary napkin

Always wash hands with soap and running water before each use of far-infrared chip sanitary napkin to prevent bacteria from entering the product on hands, and then entering the body through menstrual blood to cause infection or gynecological diseases. In addition, women's private parts are damp, and menstrual blood contains a lot of substances, which are easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, it should be replaced every two hours. Even if the menstrual blood flow is low, it should not exceed 4 hours.

Do not use far-infrared chip sanitary napkin with fragrance or medicinal smell

Generally speaking, although it is a medicinal product, it is actually just an ordinary daily necessities and cannot replace drug treatment at all. The fragrance or medicinal smell of sanitary napkins is aimed at all people, not developed for symptoms. If the menstrual blood has a peculiar smell or other abnormalities, you should choose regular hospital treatment.


Don't put far-infrared chip sanitary napkin in the bathroom

The damp air in the bathroom can make the product damp and cause bacteria to grow. Try to keep unpacked products in a dry and clean environment. In addition, it is not convenient to buy too much at one time.

In fact, the use of far-infrared chip sanitary napkin is not very different from normal sanitary napkins, which proves that as long as you have a high awareness of hygiene prevention, you can control any product.


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