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The Use of Magnetic Chip Sanitary Napkin

The correct selection of magnetic chip sanitary napkins is very important, which can be selected according to raw materials and efficacy. Magnetic chip sanitary napkin paste is usually composed of surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer. When choosing, we need to choose from the raw materials and functions of these three parts.

Use magnetic chip sanitary napkin with pure cotton surface.

Because the surface layer of pure cotton not only has affinity for the skin, but also has good water permeability, and the fiber material of comfortable mesh surface is easy to cause skin allergy. Therefore, women who are prone to skin allergy are more suitable to use pure cotton surface sanitary napkins.

In the middle layer, it is best to choose a magnetic chip sanitary napkin with breathable and high-efficiency gelatinization layer.

The sanitary napkin with high-efficiency gelatinization layer can solidify the infiltrated liquid into a gel like shape. After being stressed, it will not seep back, and the surface layer is not easy to feel sticky.


The magnetic chip sanitary napkin made of breathable raw materials shall be selected for the bottom layer as far as possible.

It can make the gaseous water pass through, and then immediately discharge the moisture in the body, which is beneficial to reduce the effect of the moisture out of the body between the sanitary napkin and the human body, reduce the damp cold and hot between the sanitary napkin and the human body, and maintain a comfortable and refreshing experience.

If you choose magnetic chip sanitary napkin, you should choose from these three aspects, and only after these three basic conditions are reached, you can look at other functions.


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