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Correct Use of Sodium Meter Silver Chip Sanitary Napkin

Sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin is a multifunctional sanitary napkin, which is very rare in the market, so special attention should be paid to its purchase and use.

Medicinal sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin must be used with caution

Pharmaceutical sanitary napkins have given full play to a certain effect on female genital cleaning services and the prevention of various gynecological diseases. However, pharmaceutical sanitary napkins are not suitable for everyone. Because people's physical fitness is very different, some people will have skin allergies when they touch certain chemicals. Therefore, no matter what kind of pharmaceutical sanitary napkins you use, you should pay attention to your own reflections and feelings. Women who are usually allergic should use sanitary napkins with caution or without medicines.

Sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin should be replaced on time

Whether you use a nano-silver chip sanitary pad, sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin or a nano-silver chip sanitary swab, it should be replaced frequently. The temperature and environmental humidity of the daily necessities that absorb secretions and menstrual blood are just right for the development and breeding of pathogenic bacteria. If they are not replaced for a long time, it is very easy to cause feelings of private parts.

Pay attention to the use period of sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin use

At the same time, products have a certain period of use, so you can't buy too much at one time, and it's not suitable for long-term storage at home. After opening a pack of daily necessities, it is best to use it up at one time, especially if there are no small bags of goods. sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin must be stored in a dry and sterile natural environment. If it is placed in the bathroom for a long time, the Aspergillus flavus in the cold and humid air is very easy to invade, and the use of daily necessities contaminated by Aspergillus flavus can easily lead to private parts feeling.

If a woman counts from menstrual cramps at age 13 to amenorrhea at age 50, she will spend about 6 years in her menstrual period in her life. Proper use of sodium meter silver chip sanitary napkin allows contemporary women to enjoy the special care in this unique day, so that they can feel fresh every day, and can live every day with peace of mind and comfort.


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