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How to buy ultra-thin cushion?

How to choose a suitable ultra-thin pad has always been the concern of every woman, so let's look at some small details of the purchase.

1. Choose a soft ultra-thin cushion

The ultra-thin mat has different materials according to each person's specific situation. It is selected with all cotton materials, pure natural non-woven fabrics or imported mesh surface as the key raw materials, which not only ensures that the surface of the commodity feels soft and comfortable when touching the skin, but also makes the activity easy, and is not easy to cause irritation to the skin. In daily activities, it is not easy to cause red itching or scratch of the skin due to the friction between the skin and the product.


2. Choose an ultra-thin cushion with good air permeability

Especially in summer, we should pay more attention to this. If the commodity is thin, the raw materials are dominated by fluffy pure natural non-woven fabrics, and the breathable bottom film and thin strip self-adhesive are used, then this commodity will be more breathable when used, and it is not easy to lock the hot air and cause odor.

3. Ultra thin cushion with easy to pull design scheme

If the outer packing box can be easily torn off, it can be gently pasted and restored to the original state, and it is not easy to leave residual adhesive on the underwear during replacement. It is best to achieve such standardized commodity adhesive characteristics. At the same time, it strongly ensures the cleanliness, environmental sanitation and convenience in the whole process of use.


4. Choose night products and ultra-thin mats with distinctive shape design

The three slot safety protection side leakage, the extension of the wing guard, its widening, the increase of the fan tail, and the triple integration can improve the sleep in the physiological period and make the rest at night more carefree.


5. Choose the ultra-thin cushion with very good moisture absorption effect

The surface layer of high-quality products adopts the application of relatively new technologies such as soft cotton dehumidification holes, and its water absorption capacity is twice that of general pure cotton products; At the same time, the water absorbing beads of polymer materials are jointly distributed in the internal structure, which can not only absorb and lock the water efficiently, but also absorb the water 14 times more than the initial capacity of the general commodity itself. Such water absorption capacity can maximally improve the wet and cold environment on the surface of the product and reduce the growth of bacteria.


6. When the quantity is large, use the concave ultra-thin pad

Concave and convex surfaces are two different penetration methods. The concave surface leaks faster in an instant, which is suitable for those days with a large amount of menstruation. Although the penetration rate of the convex surface is a little slower, it is not easy to seep out because the thickened type is located in the middle, so it is suitable for going out or using at night.

The above are the 6 details that must be paid attention to when purchasing ultra-thin pads to ensure that you know it well before you can choose the best one of your own.


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