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Management and Maintenance Methods of Cloth Diaper Equipment

Production is inseparable from machining equipment. All kinds of equipment may be worn and have some faults in daily production. In order to protect the cloth diaper equipment, we must start with daily management and maintenance to reduce the probability of failure and prolong the service life of the equipment. On the basis of ensuring the production quality of the enterprise, maximize the economic benefits. This artiarticle discusses the management and maintenance methods of cloth diaper equipment.

Improve the management quality of initial cloth diaperequipment

Many enterprises will ignore the early mechanical management quality, which will not only affect the enterprise's understanding of the equipment, but also lead to improper operation. Moreover, the early recording of mechanical information is also an important reference for maintenance personnel. When purchasing corresponding machinery, enterprises should first understand the specific parameters, functions and component models, and do a good job in the performance record management of machinery, so as to lay a good foundation for prolonging the service life of mechanical equipment.

Secondly, we should classify the mechanical equipment according to the corresponding performance according to the different production links, and select the appropriate ones to work.

Third, it is necessary to record according to the mechanical instructions, the safety, practicability and damage degree of the equipment itself, and inform the factory staff of the record content, so that the staff can treat the machinery with different characteristics differently. Finally, after the preliminary completion of record management in the early stage, we need to further consider how to improve the use efficiency of machinery, maximize the use value within the allowable range of performance, and create income for the enterprise.


Formulate reasonable routine maintenance specifications for cloth diaperequipment

The daily maintenance of mechanical equipment can effectively eliminate the use risk, improve the working quality of the equipment and prolong its service life.

First of all, the enterprise should place the equipment in a dry and ventilated factory to avoid exposing the machinery to the sun and not in a humid environment, so as to prevent the oxidation of the surface metal coating, leading to aging and corrosion. Secondly, when the work is completed, all kinds of accessories, relevant tools and removable parts shall be placed uniformly to prevent the lack of parts in the next use. Finally, clean the equipment regularly. General cleaning mainly includes lubrication of parts, cleaning of parts, wiping of dust accumulated on the surface, removal of internal residues, etc. Professional personnel shall be selected for the daily maintenance of machinery. During the daily maintenance, maintenance records shall be made, and the maintenance time, personnel and work content shall be recorded in detail, so that the causes of faults can be deeply understood in future inspection, so as to lay a foundation for the high-quality production of the enterprise.


Implement the regulations on the scrapping of cloth diaperequipment

The service life of mechanical equipment is relatively strict. Once the service life is exceeded or an accident occurs, it is necessary to replace parts or overall equipment in time. To establish a mechanical scrapping system, first of all, regularly check the aging degree in the process. If the overall operation is slow or some functions cannot be realized, report to the management office and comprehensively evaluate the damage degree of the equipment. If it is determined that the problem is a part, it can be repaired and continue to be used. If ordinary maintenance can no longer improve the use effect, it must be included in the scrap list through the enterprise approval process.


Improve the professional skills of cloth diaperequipment management and maintenance personnel

In order to better protect and manage machinery, enterprises must improve the professional technology of management and maintenance personnel. First of all, when selecting management and maintenance personnel, it is necessary to screen and investigate skills, and select personnel with professional skills to apply for work. Secondly, in daily work, we should constantly strengthen the skill training of maintenance management personnel and improve the maintenance ability. We can invite experts to answer the common puzzles of maintenance managers and guide their work. Finally, we should introduce innovative technology inside the enterprise to lay a solid foundation for the improvement of its ability.


The enterprise has rich work content and high technical requirements. Enterprises should pay close attention to the ability supervision of internal maintenance personnel, implement strict assessment system, regularly test personal ability and knowledge, ensure the safety of cloth diaper equipment, cultivate more high-quality talents, and better manage and maintain the machine.


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