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How to Use Menstrual Pads in Summer?

It's stuffy and uncomfortable in summer, and women in physiological period have to wear another layer of menstrual pad, which is even more uncomfortable. So how to use menstrual pads in summer?

Change the menstrual pad more than 6 times a day

According to the data survey, Japanese women change their menstrual period six times a day on average, while Chinese women change their menstrual period three times a day. Nowadays, many "high intake" sanitary products on the market are publicized and planned, which makes many women incorrectly think that a piece of sanitary products can be used for a long time, especially when there is little menstrual blood. It is also a fatal mistake to use only one or two tablets a day. The experiment shows that after 2 hours, the general aunt towel becomes the "culture medium" of bacteria, and the number of surface bacteria can reach 107 / cubic centimeter. In the physiological period, women's own immunity is reduced and are more vulnerable to external bacteria. In addition, moisture in the body is easy to accumulate in some parts in summer, causing skin allergy. Therefore, no matter how much it is, it is proposed to replace it every 2 hours.

Use medical menstrual pads with caution

"Good air permeability" is the first standard for buying aunt towels. The ingredients of many commodities called "drugs" and "health care effects" are unknown. It is best to use them carefully to prevent skin allergy. When using, once you feel irritating, itchy and uncomfortable, you should stop using it immediately. People with sensitive skin had better use pure cotton mesh, which is soft and comfortable and has little irritation to the skin.

Try to wash hands and disinfect before using menstrual pads

If you don't wash your hands and disinfect before using the menstrual pad, you will send the pathogenic bacteria in your hand to your aunt's towel during the process of commodity disassembly, opening, flattening and pasting. Such goods directly touch women's vulva skin, which is easy to cause gynecological diseases.

Don't put the menstrual pad in the bathroomThe bathroom is wet and cold, and you can't see the sun all day. If the goods are stored in it, they are very vulnerable to moisture and mold pollution. Unpacked goods shall be placed in a clean and dry place and shall not be used after being affected with moisture.

Finally, when purchasing, we must pay attention to the validity period to prevent the storage time from being too long, which will make the menstrual pad lose the guarantee of sterility test.


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