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Mistakes in the Use of Period Pads

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In the two days before and after menstruation, when it is inconvenient to take a bath such as traveling and going out, the period pad is undoubtedly a convenient, easy-to-use and clean-up choice. But the doctor thought: "the sanitary pad is not suitable to be used all the time."

Keep a distance from the period pad

"The skin structure of the private part is similar to that of the mouth. Clinically, if the mouth is damaged, excellent plastic experts can colonize the private part to reshape it. For these two parts of the skin, the ideal environment is - not too dry or too wet. Imagine that everyone's care for the lips often wraps it up?" "Soft skin needs a very breathable environment. If the closed type is too tight and moisture accumulates in the body, it is very easy to grow pathogens and lead to various health problems. The most satisfactory appliance is high woven cotton underwear, which should be changed frequently every day; if you use sanitary pads, don't forget to choose products with good ventilation." The doctor also charged: "if there are more secretions, the color turns yellow or there is blood, and the odor occurs, it may be due to vaginitis and other diseases. At this time, the best way is not to use sanitary pads, but to go to gynecology and obstetrics as soon as possible."

Sterilization and bleaching agent of period pad are indispensable

The period pad is not completely sterile, because it is difficult to guarantee and not necessary: period blood itself contains many microbial strains. According to a scientific study, there are 108 ~ 9 microbial strains per gram of period blood, but generally speaking, it is not harmful to the body. Therefore, many brands of daily necessities are not professional disinfection and sterilization. They only need to comply with the norms stipulated in China: if the number of pathogenic bacteria and microbial strains is not in a certain area, it is not easy to damage everyone's physical and mental health.

It must be noted that most disinfection and sterilization uses an organic chemical vapor - ethylene oxide, which must be stored for a period of time before it can be sold. Otherwise, the residual ethylene oxide may have adverse effects on the body. China has professional requirements for this matter.


Is the whiteness in the period pad product "floating"?

Not necessarily. Some commodity raw materials will have a very white color without bleaching; Some commodities also use whitening agents - but we don't need to be afraid of hearing whitening agents. At present, there are hundreds of whitening agents in the world, of which several are suspected to be harmful to health, but they don't need to be used in the paper industry; In other words, there is no direct evidence that the brightener used in the paper industry at this stage is harmful.

A woman must have 15000 period pads in her life. It seems that environmental protection should be taken into account. Authoritative experts in environmental protection tell you that waste daily necessities belong to "non recyclable" waste. If you are in a big city and solve the problem of recyclable and non recyclable waste, put it into the category of non recyclable. It must not be thrown into the sewer, which is also a key reason for the blockage of sewers in big cities.


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