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How to use sanitary napkins?

There are many kinds of sanitary napkins, but there are only two types of sanitary napkins. Let's see how to use these two types.

One is a long strip-shaped sanitary napkin without ears on both sides

1. This kind of sanitary napkin, as long as the packaging bag is torn off, the commodity is removed and unfolded.

2. Then tear off the paper tape of the commodity (this paper tape is to avoid the adhesion of the commodity. It has no other purpose. It can be discarded after tearing it off). Align one side of the commodity with the crotch of the underwear and stick it on the underwear. Then it is placed.

Another kind of sanitary napkin is a long strip in the middle, with one ear on each side

1. Open the package, remove the sanitary napkin, first tear off the paper tape in the middle, stick the glue side in the middle of the crotch of the underwear, and align the two ears with the narrowest part of the crotch.

2. Then tear off the small piece of adhesive paper on the back of the left ear and fold the ear from the narrowest part on the left of the underwear to make the front of the crotch of the underwear stick tightly.

3. Then, tear off the adhesive paper on the back of the other ear and fold it from the narrowest part of the underwear crotch to the right, so that the front of the underwear crotch is fixed. Due to the adhesive adhesion of the bottom of the commodity and the fixation of the ears from both sides, the commodity will be tightly adhered to the bottom of the underwear, which is more difficult to move during action.

As long as the use methods of these two categories of sanitary napkins are clear, they can be easily used in case of other functions or strange goods.


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