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Loss Items of Baby Diaper Equipment

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All kinds of bad loss of baby diaper equipment will have a direct impact on the equipment. Because loss means waste and loss in English, we call various causes of baby diaper equipment downtime, failure, damage and other adverse conditions as loss items.

1. The loss items of baby diaper equipment are divided into six categories

These loss items include: failure loss; Die change and adjustment loss; Idling and suspension losses; Deceleration loss; Quality defects and rework; Commencement loss, etc. The purpose of reducing equipment damage is to improve its comprehensive utilization rate, ensure that the machinery does not produce defective products, and improve production efficiency at the same time.

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2. Analyze the loss items of baby diaper equipment

Downtime / loss refers to the loss of time and quantity caused by production defects. Sudden and significant equipment failure caused by accidental failure is usually obvious and easy to correct; Frequent or chronic minor faults are often ignored or omitted. Because accidental failures account for a large proportion of the total loss, many enterprises invest a lot of time to find and avoid such failures. However, it is difficult to eliminate these accidental faults. Therefore, research to improve its reliability must be carried out to maximize the efficiency of baby diaper equipment and reduce the failure to zero. Therefore, we should first change the inevitable view in traditional fault maintenance.

The loss of replacement and commissioning refers to the damage caused by shutdown and waste products caused by replacement and commissioning. It generally occurs when one product is replaced and commissioned due to the production of another product after the production of one product is completed. In order to realize the replacement within a period of time (less than 10 minutes), the replacement time (complete the operation after shutdown) and the replacement time (complete the operation when the machine is running) can be clearly distinguished to reduce the replacement time and reduce the loss of the whole replacement time.

Idle and pause loss refers to the loss caused by pause due to misoperation or short pause when the machine is idle. For example, some workpieces block the top of the chute, resulting in idle equipment; When the machine is shut down due to the production of defective products and the alarm of sensors, it is obvious that this pause is different from fault shutdown, because production can be resumed by removing blocked workpieces and restarting the equipment.

Deceleration loss refers to the difference between the design speed and the actual speed. Speed loss has caused great obstacles to the exertion of equipment efficiency, which should be carefully studied to eliminate the difference between design speed and actual speed. There are many reasons why the actual speed is lower than the design speed or ideal speed, such as mechanical problems and quality defects, historical problems or overload, etc. In general, by revealing potential defects, carefully increasing the speed of operators can help solve the problem.

Quality defects and rework refer to the quality defects and rework in the production process caused by faults. Usually, accidental defects are easy to be eliminated by resetting the equipment to the normal state. These defects include the sudden increase of the number of defects or other obvious phenomena. The causes of chronic defects are difficult to find and often omitted or ignored. Defects requiring rework also belong to chronic injury.

Start up loss refers to the loss incurred in the initial stage of production (from equipment startup to stable production). The number of these damages varies with the stability of the process state, the maintenance level of equipment fixtures and molds, and the proficiency of operation skills. This loss is large and potential. In actual production, it is generally considered that the commencement loss is inevitable without discrimination, so it is rarely eliminated.

Paying attention to the bad condition of machinery can not only avoid the failure of baby diaper equipment and reduce the production stagnation and damage caused by the failure, but also reduce the wear of baby diaper equipment parts and reduce the maintenance cost. After one year, it can save a lot of costs for the factory. Promote the continuous progress of enterprises in the direction of high yield and high quality.


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