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Spunlaced Technology of Super Imitation Cotton Nonwovens for Baby Nappy

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Peers know that there are many types of baby nappy nonwovens. And according to the different production process, the effect on the product will be different. This paper mainly introduces the spunlaced process of super Imitation cotton nonwovens with more traditional steps and processes.

Introduction to the process of baby nappymaterial Spunlaced entanglement

The spunlaced entanglement process is to continuously spray the fluffy fiber mesh on the supporting net curtain or drum by relying on the high-pressure water jet from the spunlaced head, so as to make the fiber entangle and consolidate the fiber mesh. Spunlaced fiber net forming includes dry net forming, wet net forming, spinning net forming and melt blown net forming. In order to make full use of water needle energy and enhance the effect of water thorn entanglement, the fiber mesh should be pre humidified first. The fiber web is pre wetted and enters the spunlaced area. The fibers are entangled under the high-pressure water jet to form spunlaced nonwovens. The process of water thorn entanglement can be divided into four stages:

(1) The water spike head sprays a very fine high-pressure water beam, which is perpendicular to the fiber web.

(2) The surface fibers are displaced and interspersed by the action of high-pressure water needle. Water jet bounces and scatters under force.

(3) The fiber net is reinforced and formed under the impact and reflection of direct water needle.

(4) The spunlaced nonwovens are made from the fiber web after being Spunlaced on the front and back sides and dried.


Introduction to baby nappymaterial and equipment for water thorn entanglement

According to the arrangement of water needles, the water thorn reinforcement structures include: flat net type, rotary drum type, flat net plus rotary drum type. In the actual processing process, the spunlaced reinforcement method combined with drum and flat net can develop strengths and avoid weaknesses.

In the spunlaced reinforcement equipment system, the spunlaced head is the key component. The high-pressure water needle acts on the fiber to move some fibers downward and wind the fibers. When the water needle meets the mesh curtain, it forms a reflection and acts on the fiber mesh again to form spunlaced nonwovens with certain mechanical properties.

The importance of water filtration and water circulation system as an integral part of the water thorn process is self-evident. Generally, the air sand filtration system is combined with the air sand filtration system. This is because a large amount of suspended solids, organic matter, microorganisms and inorganic salts will increase the burden of filtration, affect the quality of the network, hinder the spunlaced process and damage machinery and equipment. Due to the huge daily water consumption of spunlaced process, considering the factors of cost saving, the recycling of water is necessary.

Fleisnery500-2 Spunlaced machine is used in this test, which belongs to small flat net Spunlaced machine. In order to ensure the effective entanglement of carding fiber mesh, this experiment adopts multi-channel spunlaced process, that is, Spunlaced winding unwinding Spunlaced, so that the front and back sides of fiber mesh are reinforced by Spunlaced.


Of course, the process used by each manufacturer will be different. The qualified process is to select the one that is suitable for their own design and can meet the expected standards for the performance and value of baby nappys.


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