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How About Liquid Sanitary Napkins?

In recent years, the emergence of liquid sanitary napkins has given many people an unusual experience Some people call it "Hermes in sanitary napkins". Comments vary, but what kind of high technology is it?

What is the basic principle of liquid sanitary napkin?

When I first heard the name, I thought the sanitary napkin was liquid, but when I got the sample, the big characters on the package explained that the absorbent material came from liquid. According to the official website, this new liquid material is evaporated from pure water and nanotechnology molecular structure polymers through emulsification technology, which is similar to the porous shape of memory sponge. We looked around the packaging and found no current standard for the product, only the hygienic standard gb15979 hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products. The current standard GB / t8939-2018 sanitary napkin (PAD) is applicable to sanitary napkins composed of surface layer, internal absorbent layer (including fluff slurry and / or super absorbent resin) and bottom membrane of waterproof layer. There is no fluff pulp and super absorbent resin in the water absorption layer of liquid sanitary napkin. The standard is not applicable and cannot refer to the current standard

What is the evaluation of liquid sanitary napkins?

Among the index values, the safety factor detection and absorption function of liquid sanitary napkin are mainly good. However, in terms of absorption rate, the actual effect is quite different.

The working principle of laboratory test absorption index value is as follows: record the time when the sample completely absorbs 5ml standard solution (simulated menstruation). This is actually a simulation of the normal use of sanitary napkins. In the evaluation results, the absorption rate of the two liquid sanitary napkins used during the day and at night is relatively slow compared with other general sanitary napkins.


The function of liquid sanitary napkin?


Compared with ordinary sanitary napkins, they are indeed much thinner, and their sense of existence is not so strong. Compared with ordinary sanitary napkins, the advantages in overall absorption capacity are not very significant, and it is not very friendly to girls with large menstrual volume.

Different moisture absorption structure

The shell is divided into left and right double layers. After absorbing water, the blood infiltrated into the bottom layer can be dispersed and moved down to the bottom layer. In addition, the shell is made of high molecular hygroscopic materials, which is more malleable and not easy to deform than ordinary sanitary napkins.

Dry and breathable

In addition to the air permeability of the surface material, the overall dry and breathable performance varies from person to person, but some people say "this experience is of little significance".

We see the polarization in the comment area of liquid sanitary napkins. We can only say that it is most important to suit ourselves.


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