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Correct Use of Cotton Sanitary Napkins to Prevent Diseases

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Vulvitis is mostly caused by the improper use of pure cotton sanitary napkins. Women will use personal hygiene products during the physiological period, but some women's purchased goods do not pass the hygiene standards, or the storage method is incorrect, which will eventually cause women to suffer from vulvitis. Therefore, the correct use of cotton sanitary napkins is the key to prevent vulvitis.

Pay attention to the storage period of pure cotton sanitary napkins.

In fact, every commodity has a validity period. In the case of purchase, women should also pay attention to the shelf life in addition to the model, specification and brand. Normally speaking, personal hygiene goods are sterilized through disinfection, and the actual effect of this kind of disinfection and sterilization is also limited by time. If time passes, its hygiene cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the validity period on the outer package before purchasing sanitary products

Pay attention to the storage of pure cotton sanitary napkins.

It is very important to pay attention to the placement of my cleaning supplies. Remind everyone not to put them in the bathroom or in wet conditions. Humid environment is likely to lead to qualitative change of commodities and bacterial reproduction. With the qualitative change of goods, it is easy to cause vaginitis.


During the physiological period, you should change cotton sanitary napkins frequently.

Women should also note that they must pay special attention to hygiene during the physiological period and change personal hygiene products frequently. In view of this, the proposal provided by authoritative experts is to change one piece in two or three hours. Changing sanitary articles frequently can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and prevent private parts from bacterial infection.

Generally speaking, it is a detailed introduction about "correctly using pure cotton sanitary napkins to prevent vulvitis". Women are expected to care more about their health and actively take preventive measures to prevent vulvitis.


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