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Proper Use of Ultra-thin Sanitary Napkins

The revolution of sanitary products has changed from yellow mounting paper similar to toilet paper to toilet paper and sanitary napkins in the initial stage, and then to wing protection, lengthened and extremely thin sanitary napkins. The changes of sanitary cotton swabs and sanitary pads have made women comfortable from month to month to every day. However, even with this unique care, women still have worrying things in their physiological period.

Buy a ultra thin sanitary napkin that meets the safety standards

When choosing sanitary products, go to shopping malls and select well-known brands with qualified microbial indicators and outer packaging box indicators. Read the manufacturing and operating instructions of the purchased ultra thin sanitary napkin carefully, and master its hygienic indicators to facilitate safe and clean. Do not stick to a certain brand and ignore the health index value. In addition, the product needs to have the "use standard" label, such sanitary napkins can be purchased and used with confidence

Pay attention to hygiene when using tampons

Sanitary swabs are easy to use and suitable for use during exercise, but because they often fill up the vagina after swelling, the menstrual blood in the uterine cavity is not easy to discharge. Long-term use will increase the possibility of feeling in the vagina, so it cannot be used for a long time. sexual use. When using the built-in tampon, you must pay attention to the daily cleaning of your hands and private parts. Before placing the tampon into the vagina, wash your hands and do not touch the tube and tampon that enter the vagina to prevent bacteria from being brought into the vagina.


Drugs ultra thin sanitary napkin should be used with caution

Drug ultra thin sanitary napkin has given full play to the cleaning of female genitals and the prevention of various gynecological diseases. However, medicinal sanitary napkins are not suitable for everyone. Because people's physical fitness is very different, some people will have skin allergies when they touch certain chemicals. Therefore, no matter which type of medicated sanitary napkin you choose, you should pay attention to your own reactions and feelings.


Under normal circumstances, use ultra thin sanitary napkin, and do not use sanitary pads when they are not necessary. Some women also use sanitary pads when they are not in their menstrual period. In fact, as long as there is no obvious gynecological disease or it is inconvenient to change underwear when going out, it is usually better not to use them.


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