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Do You Know the Smell of Diapers?

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The newly bought nappy give off a great smell after they are opened. Buy fake goods? Quality problems? be overdue? Is it harmful to your baby's health Many mothers have bought smelly nappy, so what's the reason? Do you know?

Peculiar smell of nappy

(1) Taste of raw materials

Generally, the general structure of nappy is divided into three layers:

① Surface coating: the surface material of most nappy is mainly non-woven. Non woven fabrics are non-toxic and tasteless, that is, the smell of nappy has nothing to do with non-woven fabrics.

② Absorption core layer: imported polymer and fluff pulp. The water absorption component is super absorbent polymer, mostly sodium polyacrylate, which is white granular, with strong water absorption. It can expand up to 70 times in case of water, and is characterized by "odorless and tasteless".

Bottom layer: PE film, which is called polyethylene film, mainly to prevent the external penetration of urine. Polyethylene is odorless and non-toxic, with excellent low temperature resistance and good chemical stability Note that the "odorless" of polyethylene is not "tasteless", and the polyethylene film is not odorless, but odorless.

After analyzing the nappy, if the odor comes from raw materials, the "suspect" may be PE film and the urine display line at the bottom.

(2) The smell of disinfectant

High temperature sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization and other sterilization processes are required in the production process. In addition, the production line will also be cleaned and sterilized regularly. Therefore, there may be some residual disinfectant smell in the directly packaged nappy without ventilation treatment.

(3) The smell of glue

The production must go through multiple glue spraying and scraping processes. The adhesive used is hot-melt adhesive, which belongs to hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. Its safety and quality are guaranteed and has no impact on the baby. In fact, baomoms are not unfamiliar with the taste of transparent glue. The smell of glue on nappy is consistent with that of transparent glue.

nappy are produced through multiple processes. It is inevitable that they will have a slight smell. The smell is harmless and can dissipate after being placed for a period of time.


Will the peculiar smell of nappybe harmful to children?

When the second child era is in progress, of course, the sales of nappy are large, most of them are produced and manufactured to users, and the time cycle is short. Generally, most of the products sold in Shangchao physical stores have a long storage period, and the peculiar smell has gradually disappeared with time.

The newer the production date, the taste of hot melt adhesive used in nappy production. The production line automatically disinfects every other period of time, and the first batch of products after disinfection may also bring the taste of disinfection. Due to the new production date, there is no time for the taste to completely disappear. It is not a product quality problem that has no impact on the human body. After opening, put the nappy in a ventilated place, the smell will disappear soon and will not affect the use ~ not every batch has a taste ~ it sells well and sells fast, and the date will be updated.

Generally, as long as nappy are stored in a ventilated place for a long time, they will not have taste. If it is in urgent need of use, the package can be opened in advance and placed in a ventilated place for 1 hour.


So don't worry when mothers encounter peculiar smell. It may be the above situation. Most nappy are safe and healthy and can be used safely!


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