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Use of Sanitary Napkins

# Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkin poisoning? I don't know if the ladies really know this intimate "little partner". Unreasonable use will destroy themselves. In addition to ensuring the safety of commodities, we also need to choose appropriate and hygienic use methods. How to use sanitary commodities safely?

Changing sanitary napkins is not frequent enough

Chinese women's use of health commodities in each physiological period is significantly lower than that of Western and Japanese women. It is not advisable to save the cost of health


It is not good to often buy Promotional gifts, new products and sanitary napkins

Generally speaking, promotional gifts and gifts may be unsalable products solved by the store, and the product quality is difficult to ensure. When selecting new products, we should try our best to select the products of famous manufacturers with good reputation, instead of blindly pursuing new products.


Do not use sanitary napkins with medicine or aroma

Most doctors do not agree that the use of drugs or aroma components may have adverse effects on the human body.

Be the manufacturer's sanitary napkin "new product experimenter"

New well-known brands, new varieties, new fabrics, new ideas everywhere, coupled with marketing, usually lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the fashionable comfortable mesh surface, many people with allergic constitution will have swelling and itching skin allergy after use. Reliable manufacturers, reliable stores, excellent user evaluation and personal experience are still the main standards for purchasing sanitary napkins.


Do not pay attention to the validity period of sanitary napkins

In fact, the hygiene requirements of sanitary products are very strict, and the closer the date of delivery, the more guaranteed the quality. Daily necessities are sterilized by high-temperature disinfection. The effective period of one-time disinfection and sterilization is limited after all. There is no guarantee of sterility beyond the time limit. If commodities are stored for too long, they will become qualitative and environmental pollution even if they are not disassembled. Therefore, we must pay attention to the validity period. We don't have to buy too much at one time, let alone hide it at home for a long time.

  1. Do not wash hands before using sanitary napkins

Due to the whole process of dismantling, opening, flattening and pasting goods by hand, pathogenic bacteria will be sent to goods. Health products directly contact women's vulva skin, and the physiological period is the stage of women's low immunity. If you don't pay attention, it is very easy to cause flu or gynecological diseases.


There are many injuries caused by sanitary napkins. Some are due to the product quality problems of the goods themselves, and some are due to the unreasonable storage of the goods, resulting in environmental pollution by bacteria and viruses. In a word, many women know little about the basic knowledge of the proper use of daily necessities. If they know more professional knowledge in relevant fields, they can reduce some damage.


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