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Research Status of Comfort of Baby Diapers

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Baby diapers are similar to multi-layer space liquid suction and control system composed of non-woven materials. The initial design is surface layer, absorption core layer and back layer. In actual use, the material of the absorption core layer will expand after absorbing water, and the product will have lumps, which is not conducive to the continuous storage of liquid and reduce the water absorption capacity. In addition, we should always pay attention to whether it will affect the comfort. Since the development of comfort research, it has experienced many upgrades and generations before it is accepted step by step. The following is a brief introduction to comfort research.

Study on the comfort of baby diapers abroad

Foreign research on the comfort of baby diapers started earlier, with large production enterprises and strong scientific research teams. Foreign researchers have studied the microclimate caused by the change of temperature and humidity in baby diapers, mainly with the help of baby warm body dummy. Because the warm body dummy of baby body is still rare in domestic research laboratories, domestic scholars can use the simulated baby body to carry out similar experimental research. One study studied the microclimate of air flow in pants when infants wear them during exercise. They made an experimental platform with a plastic baby model. In fact, the experimental technology can be used for our reference. In addition, another study mainly studied the pathogenesis of diaper rash caused by wearing and the relationship between them. It is found that the occurrence of diaper rash has a certain impact on baby diapers, and the probability of diaper rash caused by poor air permeability is higher.


Research on the comfort of baby diapers in China

The research on the comfort of baby diapers in China started late, but with the development of social economy and the problems gradually exposed by consumers in the use process, domestic scholars have studied the comfort. After studying the use of consumers, Yang Qimin found some problems: it is wrong for novice parents to take no red ass and no urine leakage as the purchase standard, because they don't understand the reason of red ass. In fact, the occurrence of red buttocks is related to the degree of replacement and materials, and side leakage is related to the baby's sleeping position. She believes that materials and technology are not the main factors that produce red buttocks.

Zhang Siyun also studied the changes of microclimate temperature and humidity. With the help of dummy simulation experiment, the temperature and humidity in the baby's diapers change greatly after urine injection, and the temperature is low after three injections, indicating that the baby's diapers should be replaced three times before urine is wet. At the same time, moisture permeability, moisture release and drying rate are significantly related to heat and moisture comfort, while the correlation between thickness and rapid absorption time is not obvious. Chi Lingchen studied the structural properties of nonwovens, such as filament fineness, fiber web uniformity, pore size and bonding form. It is found that PE / PP composite textile bonded nonwovens have good tensile and wearability, are more suitable for industrial production, and can save raw materials and reduce costs.

Zhang Caijin analyzed the structural levels of Kao, Pampers and curiosity brands with good sales in the market, analyzed the similarities and differences of structures at all levels, tested the relevant performance at all levels, and finally came to the conclusion that pampers had the best comprehensive performance, the shortest liquid penetration time on the surface of Kao, the maximum absorption of pampers' absorption core layer and the best air permeability on the back layer.


As can be seen from the above examples, although the surface layer is in direct contact with the skin, its impact on comfort is indisputable. However, a baby diaper with better comfort performance also needs to pay attention to the role of other factors such as the absorption core. Only when it is balanced can it be a qualified product.


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