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Shanghai: focus on maternal and infant products! With the assistance of many health enterprises, baby diapers, wet wipes and sanitary napkins have been in place


Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work was held at 10:00 a.m. on April 7th. In Shanghai, the issue of difficult supplies for mother and infant products was discussed. Chen Tong, deputy mayor of Shanghai, the head of the Department of epidemic prevention and control, the head of the special department of life and material protection, and Wu Qian, forenoon inspector of the municipal health and Health Committee, Mao Fang, vice president of the US delegation, introduced the latest situation of the epidemic prevention and control in this city.


Chen Tong said that in view of the difficulties in purchasing mother and baby products such as infant milk powder, we have listed it as a key guarantee, we will give priority to the allocation, transportation and distribution of such products, and request major e-commerce platforms and supermarkets to give priority to receiving orders and distribution.


In the supply of mother and baby products, the demand for popular mother and baby products is mainly met by comprehensive supermarket stores such as Lianhua supermarket, Metro and Carrefour. We help enterprises coordinate the problems encountered in smooth logistics and terminal distribution, and improve the guarantee and supply capacity of enterprises.


Chen Tong said that during the epidemic period, you can place an order through the above-mentioned enterprise online mobile app and distribute it to the community by the enterprise offline stores. For the demand for personalized maternal and infant supplies, we have sorted out more than 10 maternal and infant supplies guarantee enterprises familiar to the public, and handled vehicle passes in time.


In the newly updated Shanghai home anti epidemic group purchase list, baby diapers, baby milk powder, wet wipes, soft cotton towels, sanitary napkins and other supplies to ensure the daily life of women, girls and children have been added to the list.


At the same time, we also see that some sanitary products enterprises urgently allocate resources to alleviate the shortage of diapers and sanitary napkins.


Fujian daddy baby Co., LtdWe paid close attention to the epidemic situation in Shanghai and contacted its cooperative enterprises in Shanghai at the first time when all districts were sealed and controlledShanghai Suqing Industrial Co., Ltd。 After the closure and control of each district, Suqing industry successively contacted Shanghai red house, Shanghai Fourth People's Hospital, Shanghai exit Entry Administration Public Security Bureau and 36 nursing home institutions. After confirming the material demand, it immediately deployed materials with a total of more than 500000 yuan for menstrual pants and adult diapers to rush to Shanghai & nbsp;.




Shanghai nursing homeWe launched an emergency rescue operation for the epidemic in Shanghai. Through the Shanghai women's Federation, Shanghai Children's fund and Qingpu Baihe Town Government, we donated 3200 boxes of sanitary napkin bags with a total value of 760000 yuan to foreign aid workers, designated hospitals and other front-line female medical workers.




In addition,Good boyOpen the special supply of group purchase in Shanghai and reach the next day as soon as possible, which must help the mother and baby families in special periods;MeituanFlash purchase has promoted some mother and baby businesses to resume online operations, such as milk powder, diapers and other mother and baby & ldquo; Rigid demand & rdquo; Products will be available & ldquo; Emergency demand & rdquo; Services;Convenient beeWomen's sanitary napkins, wet wipes and kn95 masks will be included in the group purchase list to meet the health needs of women and children & hellip& hellip; More and more enterprises are joining in to care for the needs of families in Shanghai.


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