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How Popular is the "magic" Pull-ups?

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Data show that at present, there are more than 2200 baby diaper brands in China, with many players and increasingly fierce competition in the industry. In this context, problems such as product homogenization and price war have appeared for a long time. More importantly, we found that the sense of existence of diapers in offline stores is getting lower and lower, and the drainage function that we were proud of is gradually weakened. As a rigid demand, it has changed from unlimited scenery to bleak silence. However, there is a strong rise in its sub categories, and now pull ups has become a trend item.

Why is pull ups today's star

From the perspective of product differentiation, it is also called long pants. It is specially designed for babies to learn to walk. It not only has the function of urine prevention, but also has the function of ordinary small underwear, which is easy to wear and convenient for activities. From the perspective of changes in consumer demand, with the further improvement of the parenting concept of the new generation of young parents, they also began to tend to high-quality and diversified diaper products. In addition to traditional diapers, they began to be more interested in more subdivided people. Under the dual effect, the trend of single product is taking advantage of the trend.

Pull ups online growth exceeded 300%

At present, the homogenization of products in the diaper industry is particularly serious. In order to solve this problem, the brand naturally racked its brains. It is the so-called consumer core demand that drives the new direction of market development. At present, the post-90s have become the main force of maternal and infant consumption, and the trend of high-quality maternal and infant consumption has been fully demonstrated. At the same time, the category structure of maternal and infant has undergone systematic changes, with obvious trend of fine differentiation and specialization. Based on this, the diaper market has seen the emergence of products that are innovative for the needs of more subdivided groups, functions and scenes.

For example, in terms of functional demand segmentation, there are diaper products specially developed for baby red ass phenomenon; In terms of scene demand segmentation, there are newly developed baby swimming diaper products and night diaper products; In terms of target group segmentation, there are premature diaper products, products specially developed for infants in the period of big action, special diaper products for boys / girls, etc. among the many segmented products, pull ups has become a big item in the high-end segment of diapers. According to relevant data, the growth rate has been rapid in recent years, and the compound annual growth rate is 15% higher than that of similar diapers. It is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 27% in the next few years.

In addition, according to the latest data of ecdataway, from January to November 2020, the online scale of baby pee pants reached 25.71 billion, of which pull ups grew the most rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 309.2% and online sales of 6.25 billion. Obviously, it has become a trend item in the category of baby diapers.


Differentiated pull ups products win the market

In recent years, although the popularity of the diaper industry has not decreased, the market has become a red sea. Behind its excitement, a reef has long been formed. Although many brands are still growing, the growth trend began to slow down. With its popularity, many brands naturally turn their attention to the incremental pull ups, hoping to win the market and consumers with more differentiated products.

According to the data of love magic mirror, Pampers has occupied an absolute dominant position in this segment. From January to November 2020, the market scale accounted for 29.2%. This is not surprising. It is understood that pull ups is a registered trademark (pants) owned by P & G, which is used on pampers, a diaper brand of P & G.

It is because of pampers' first mover advantage in the market and very good user market education that pull ups has become the general name of this category by industry players. It can be said that pull ups can have today's status, Pampers really contributed.


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