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A Popular Female Sanitary Product in Europe and America —— Tampon

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For those who don't know, tampons and sanitary napkins are women's physiological products. Many Chinese women use sanitary napkins, but few use tampons. Some women don't even know what they are. But if you often watch movies and TV works from western countries, you will find that its appearance rate is very high.

Tampons are not widely used in China, but many people use tampons in the West. Take the United States for example. Many women use tampons, but that doesn't mean they don't use sanitary napkins. Many people use sanitary napkins and tampons together. Sliver is generally divided into catheter type and finger in type. Catheter tampon was invented by doctor Denver in 1929, patented in 1931 and listed in the United States in 1936.

Concerns about women's use of tampons

Even if Chinese women know about tampons, most of them dare not try. Mainly because of the method used, it should be inserted into the vagina.

Some girls don't use it because they are afraid of hurting the hymen. But the hymen is not a membrane. The hymen is actually a vaginal valve, and it has holes. Some people are circular and some people are sieve shaped. Generally, there will be 1.8cm to 2.5cm small holes on the hymen, and the maximum diameter of cotton sliver is only 1.5cm. Correct use will not hurt the hymen. But don't use it if you feel uncomfortable.

Some people are afraid that the cotton thread will break, but as long as it is a qualified product, there will be no such problem.

Some people worry that there will be a foreign body feeling and feel uncomfortable after being stuffed into the vagina. Some people don't feel uncomfortable when using it often, but if some people really can't adapt, they can stop using it.


Precautions for using tampons

However, the use of tampons will also leak. When the amount is large, it should be used with pads. If you trouble me first, I suggest you use pads directly.

However, if you choose to use tampons, one thing to pay attention to is that improper use may lead to shock, more serious amputation and life-threatening.

And it cannot be used for too long. It must be replaced within 4 to 8 hours, otherwise it is easy to infect TSS (acute toxic shock syndrome), which will lead to organ failure, amputation and serious life-threatening. Long term use of cotton sliver with high adsorption capacity may infect TSS.

Although women in western countries use more tampons, women in China use more sanitary napkins. But just as the West eats with knives and forks, China eats with chopsticks. For all female friends, you can use any kind as long as you make yourself comfortable.


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