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"Intelligence" of Baby Nappy

Pampers' sensor baby products can intelligently detect humidity, connect to Wi-Fi monitors, receive information through a mobile app, notify parents or caregivers to change baby nappy.disposable diaper.pull-ups, record various data, understand baby's sleep cycle, and facilitate breastfeeding feed. In fact, this black technology launched by Pampers is not a rare thing. At present, many merchants on the market have launched similar smart products. The more common mode is composed of a diaper reminder smart hardware APP, which allows parents to understand the baby's situation at the first time, change the diaper in time, and keep the baby's buttocks dry. Why is such a convenient "parenting artifact" not popular in the market?

Smart baby nappy can't solve red butt

The baby's red butt is also called "diaper rash" in medicine. Most diaper rashes are caused by soaking in urine and feces. The ammonia released by the urine itself can lead to a high pH environment in the local environment, which allows bacteria to multiply locally on the skin. In addition, skin damage caused by digestive enzymes in feces, excessive local skin hydration, high humidity, frictional stimulation and other reasons are all likely to cause local dermatitis. Therefore, dry, breathable, soft, and leak-proof have become factors that mothers must consider when buying babies. With the development of raw materials over the past decades, most products on the market can meet these requirements.

We noticed that soaking in urine and feces is the main cause of red butt. The emergence of Smart baby nappy is aimed at the pain points of users, using technology to help their lives, liberating parents from the repeated work of frequent smell and testing, and also solving the problem of replacement frequency of some new parents to a certain extent. However, after a period of experience, many parents need to be more aware that stool, urine, and faeces soaking are the main contributors to red buttocks. From this level, the consumption points of smart products are not enough to be called "pain points".

Smart baby nappy should improve user experience and solve actual needs

In the Internet + environment, Smart baby nappy is one of the representatives of smart entering the maternal and infant market. After maintaining its popularity for a period of time, it gradually faded out of the public eye. Whether such products are artifacts or tasteless, depends on what consumers say. Judging from the big data of several online shopping platforms, many parents believe that it is cost-effective, good quality, timely reminders, lively and interesting, and worth buying, which shows that it is in line with the current trend of consumption upgrades to a certain extent, and young parents are willing to accept new Parenting concept of things and science. But the limitations of smart goods cannot be ignored. First, the practicality of the product is not high. Many parents are perfect when it comes to changing diapers, and babies gradually learn to use words or gestures to express their need for a diaper change. If the elderly at home take care of the children and think that it is too wasteful to change only once, another major problem is that the elderly have less contact with smartphones and are more difficult to use. Secondly, most products on the market have low technical thresholds, single functions, serious homogeneity, poor user experience, and have not really penetrated into this field. If the basic function of a device is to tell users when they should change a baby's diaper, that doesn't mean much to them.

Therefore, the promotion of baby nappy, disposable diaper, and pull-ups is not smooth sailing. First, we must make breakthroughs in the problems that traditional products cannot solve. Second, it can form a habit in consumer perception. Only in this way can it become popular in the market.


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