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Analysis of Diaper Consumption Habits

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Nappy.pull-ups.toddler pants, etc. are all daily necessities for parents of babies, providing great convenience for parents to take care of their children. In order to better understand the actual situation of the product. Taking the parents of babies as the research object, the survey content is designed with the use of products as the questionnaire, mainly in mother and baby stores, large shopping malls, supermarkets, children's playgrounds and children's hospitals. , complete the questionnaire independently.

Nappy commonly used brand surveys

Through the survey, it can be found that the brands commonly used by consumers are mainly Pampers, Curiosity, Kao and other brands, among which the highest proportion of Kao is 27.0%. It can be seen that Kao baby diapers are highly trusted by consumers and have a high usage rate. Second, the proportions of Pampers and Curious baby products surveyed were 18.9% and 16.4%, respectively. It shows that the usage rate of Pampers and Curious Baby products is also relatively high, and the word of mouth of the two is also relatively good in the survey. However, the other ratio is 18.2%, indicating that many consumers still choose other lesser-known brands.


Analysis of nappy main purchasing places

According to statistics, the proportion is relatively uniform in all regions, with more physical stores for mothers and babies, accounting for 35.85%, followed by online shopping, supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores. It can be seen that consumers prefer to buy babies nappy in mother and baby stores, which are deeply loved and trusted by consumers. Secondly, online shopping accounted for 30.82%, which was slightly lower than that of physical stores for mothers and babies, and also accounted for a large share. It shows that online shopping is a new way of shopping, which has penetrated into the field of maternal and infant products and is welcomed by consumers. The combined proportion of convenience stores and department stores is only 4.40%, which shows that consumers rarely go to convenience stores and department stores to buy baby products.

Nappy Frequency of Use and Monthly Expenses

The frequency of changing the babynappy every day accounted for 40%, 5-8 times accounted for 34%, and the two accounted for 74%. It can be seen that parents change the number of times for their babies more frequently every day, which increases the workload of parents. Baby product manufacturers can strengthen the research on product penetration and drying performance, prolong the use time, and reduce the replacement frequency during use.

Most consumers spend 100-300 yuan per month on products, accounting for 43%, followed by 300-500 yuan, accounting for 33%; 16% of consumers spend more than 500 yuan, and only 8% have monthly expenditures below 100 yuan. This shows that the consumption level of baby toddler pants is above the middle, which also shows from another perspective that parents have strong willingness to consume and tend to choose goods with good materials.

A survey is conducted on the consumption habits of consumers when purchasing nappy, pull-ups, and toddler pants, and the content mainly includes four aspects: commonly used brands, daily replacement frequency, place of purchase and monthly expenditure. It can be seen that different families have different consumption levels, consumption concepts and the situation of babies, and the focus of selection will also be different.


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