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Functional Performance Analysis of Diapers

With the development of economy and society, many items are constantly updated, and traditional diaperss are gradually replaced by diapers.trainning pants.toddler pants. The main reason for this is that the current product absorbs a larger amount than the previous generation and is more convenient to replace, which brings great convenience to parents who take care of their babies. At the same time, due to the large amount of use, consumers' requirements for products are also constantly improving. From the past, it only met a certain liquid absorption capacity, and now it is developing in the direction of not only comfort, safety, but also environmental protection requirements.

Leak-proof performance of diapers

The most frequent value of consumers' perception of leakage prevention performance is 2, accounting for 40.6%, and the proportion of choosing 1 is 11.4%, and the sum of the two is 52%. It shows that consumers are not satisfied with the leak-proof performance and need to effectively improve the leak-proof performance. This also shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement in leak-proof design, and relevant companies need to study this aspect in depth to gradually meet market requirements.


Waist elastic of diapers

The most frequent value of consumers' perception of waistline elasticity is 3, indicating that the waistline elasticity of products currently on the market is satisfactory to consumers. However, the ratio of options 2 and 1 is toddler pants.2%, which shows that some consumers are still dissatisfied with the elasticity of the waist, so more efforts are needed in the design of the elastic waist. Help reduce side leakage.


Other important factors of diapers

When choosing a product, consumers are mainly concerned about whether the baby will have diapers rash after using it, and then consider related properties such as breathability, side leakage, and absorption. Diapers rash also occurs due to poor breathability and urine permeability, resulting in prolonged contact of baby feces with baby skin. It can be seen that in the research, attention should be paid to the research of comfort and function. The diapers most popular with consumers are full-featured, accounting for 48.1% and 31.3% of cases and responses, respectively. Followed by gender-specific and unisex types, the proportions of which are equal. It can be seen that with the improvement of economic and living standards, consumers have higher and higher requirements for product functions, requiring diapers products to have certain functionality to meet the further needs of users. Therefore, in order to expand the sales market, it is necessary to conduct research on functions.

It can be seen from the analysis that while people have a certain level of consumption, the requirements for diapers, trainning pants and toddler pants products will become higher and higher. It can be said that as long as the function and comfort are continuously deepened, it can firmly grasp the consumption desire of consumers and be in an invincible position in the market.


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