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Precautions for Using Adult Diapers for the Elderly

For the elderly who cannot take care of themselves in daily life, hemiplegia, and bedridden for a long time, the most important commodity in medical care must be mentioned adult diapers. What should the elderly pay attention to when using adult diapers? Let's discuss together:

Pay attention to the comfort & tightness of adult diapers

We must be mindful of comfort when choosing an nnapy for our seniors. Some elderly people are bedridden, unable to speak, and have no way to tell how the nnapy feels when used. The skin in the private area is very delicate, so they must choose a comfortable and soft nnapy. diapers Pay attention to the tightness, so that it can be easily replaced by others anytime, anywhere.

Pay attention to adult diaperswater absorption and breathability

nnapy. It must be able to absorb water, otherwise, after the elderly have urinary incontinence, there is no way to deal with it in time, resulting in leakage of urine, which not only contacts the skin, but also drips very easily. The ventilation performance is more critical. If the ventilation effect is not good, it is very easy to feel hot and humid, and the skin cannot breathe. Over time, it will lead to other diseases of the human body.

Note adult diapers to be replaced frequently

Some people feel that the elderly are incontinent, and it is not worth changing a nnapy, and want to "keep it together" or throw it once in the morning. In that case, needless to say, the elderly will feel uncomfortable when they touch the items, and other human-level diseases will also occur. It is best for everyone to change nnapy every 3 hours, or change urine 1-2 times.

There are more and more elderly people who cannot take care of themselves, and even some who can take care of themselves but inevitably suffer from incontinence. The market for adult diapers is constantly increasing.


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