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Have You Ever Used Cool Tech Liquid Sanitary Napkin?

I believe many people have heard of liquid sanitary napkins, which have been widely praised. Next, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid sanitary napkins and how to use them?

Advantages and disadvantages of liquid sanitary napkin

Advantages: light, no burden, large absorption, anti side leakage, especially convenient for night use. It is also easier to use than the cotton sliver imported online.

Disadvantages: due to hygiene reasons, sanitary napkins should be replaced frequently, but the positioning of liquid sanitary napkins is that they can be used for four or five hours a day. It may be more appropriate to choose them at night. The absorption rate is a little slow. Then the price is too expensive, which is one of the disadvantages.


How to use liquid sanitary napkins

Its usage is the same as that of ordinary sanitary napkins. Open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, first tear off the paper tape in the middle, stick the glue side to the middle of the underwear crotch, and align the two ears with the narrowest part of the crotch. Because of the adhesive adhesion at the bottom of the sanitary napkin and the fixation of the "ears" from both sides, the sanitary napkin will be firmly adhered to the bottom of the underwear, which is more difficult to shift during activities.

Principle of liquid sanitary napkin

It is composed of a new liquid material flexfoamtm imported from Europe and America. The material is liquefied by emulsification technology using Ontario's pure water source and nano molecular polymer. Different from the traditional material, because the characteristics of water make it more suitable for integrated products, and the material and density are better controlled in the whole production process.

The liquid sanitary napkin has a very magical absorption hole, which is the global patent microdots absorption hole. In this way, it can completely change the problem of one-way absorption of ordinary sanitary napkins, achieve three-dimensional ring absorption in the real sense, drag the liquid from top to bottom, and make the liquid evenly dispersed. Combined with the unique double density absorption layer of flexfoamtm, the upper layer with large absorption holes can quickly grasp the liquid, while the lower layer with fine structure can disperse and store a large amount of liquid. The liquid has been sucked to the end before it can stay on the surface. It can be sucked to the end quickly and to the end, even if it lasts for eight hours.


What are the brands of liquid sanitary napkins

(1) Always

This Always's products are always sold out quickly every time they do activities! Because it is an original imported product from Europe and America, it will not contain fluorescent agents. It is also very reassuring to use. It will not irritate the skin and bring high enjoyment of menstruation. And it won't deform when squeezed by sports. It's a must-have for sports. When you think about running, it's really embarrassing for ordinary sanitary napkins to deviate.

(2) Always sensitive skin care grade

This skin care grade is an upgraded version of the new product, but also the same type of sanitary napkin! She used this sanitary napkin when she was filming, watching variety shows and meeting her menstrual period last month! On the basis of the original, skin care factors are added, that is, oxygenated mineral factors often used in baby skin care products, which can take care of our delicate skin. In the past, people thought that using sanitary napkins was a physiological need, but they didn't expect Always to make sanitary napkins also give skin care. It's really another big black technology in the sanitary napkin industry!

No matter what sanitary napkin is, when a lot of liquid is stored, coupled with the constant temperature of the human body, it will undoubtedly become a seedbed for the growth and breeding of bacteria. Therefore, all liquid sanitary napkins should be washed frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria from causing gynecological diseases.


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