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How to Judge the Quality of Nappy?

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How many times does the baby have to change nappy every day and what kind of nappy to choose are difficult problems. So how much nappy does a newborn have to use every day? Do baomoms know? Seven? 10? Assuming that the average newborn is 2 ~ 3 hours, it needs to change one tablet, with 7 urinations and 3 stools per day. In this way, it can be calculated that about 8 ~ 12 tablets per day. But do you know that diapers worn on babies may come from black heart workshops! Raw materials may be leftovers from other manufacturers, most of which are shoddy, and old materials are processed and used repeatedly!

You may ask, how can someone buy such a product? In fact, the sales volume is amazing. The "secret of success" that businessmen are proud of is: with the slogan of small profit and quick turnover, they brush high praise at a loss in the early stage and quickly sell black heart products in the later stage. Sadly, the use of these inferior nappy will cause subtle and serious harm to the baby!

Damage caused by inferior nappy

The number of bacteria exceeds the standard, which is easy to cause skin diseases; The production and sorting environment is very poor, and there are basically no sanitary requirements, so it is easy to accumulate a large number of bacteria. If babies often use this product, local skin may be attacked by bacteria, resulting in skin diseases or other allergic symptoms. The baby is young and can't speak. When Baoma finds something wrong, the damage has been caused.

Easy to cause urinary tract infection; Unqualified fillers come from a variety of sources, which may be waste or low-quality absorbent materials, which will be very unfavorable to the baby's private health. Long term use will cause damage to the baby's tender skin, followed by the most terrible thing is that it may cause the baby's urinary tract infection.

Easy to cause diaper rash; Poor quality diapers have poor air permeability, and the effect of core body absorbing urine is not good. The baby's stool or private place after urine is easy to be stimulated by Excreta for a long time, and then rash will appear.

How to judge the quality of nappy?

When many treasure mothers choose diapers for their babies, they are either introduced by friends, or feel good after trying n models, or they accidentally pass by the store and find that they bought them for promotional activities So how to judge its quality?

(1) Look at the thickness

The absorption of urine mainly depends on polymer resin, which is a high-quality water absorbing material. The general dosage of high-quality is large, so the whole will be relatively thin.

The inferior is not willing to use this water absorbing material. Therefore, it can only be made up by increasing the cotton core, so it will look very thick.

(2) Smell

Many Baoma said that the new ones will have a pungent smell. Just open them and keep them for a few days.

In fact, this is wrong. Generally, high-quality products do not have this pungent smell. If there is, it must have used inferior materials and must not be used for babies.

(3) Look at the surface

We should take care of the baby's tender skin as the starting point. Use your hand or stick the product on your face to try its softness. The surface material is very good, the surface is white and soft, and has a comfortable touch.

The surface of poor quality diapers is poorly made and rough, and even there is flocculent phenomenon on the surface!

(4) Look at the permeability

The high-quality nappy breathable bottom membrane is breathable and impermeable. Each layer of breathable membrane has a large number of air holes, which can emit muggy water.

The inferior bottom breathable membrane is usually composite and coated with glue on the whole, so it feels harder than the genuine one.

Buying nappy seems like a simple thing, but it actually contains a lot of knowledge to ensure that the baby can sleep and play comfortably.


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