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Selection of Underwear Diapers

People with moderate urinary incontinence who can take care of themselves and are not limited in life often wet their pants before they have time to get to the bathroom, which has caused great inconvenience and embarrassment to life. What they need is incontinence care products that are easy to wear and take off and do not hinder their movement. Underwear diapers are disposable diapers suitable for adults. Most users are people with disability and incontinence. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of social attention and awareness of products, they have attracted the attention of consumers.

Pay attention to these five points when purchasing underwear diapers

(1) We should choose the products of well-known manufacturers with good reputation and buy them from formal channels.

(2) Adult diapers are divided into mild incontinence diapers, moderate incontinence diapers and severe incontinence diapers according to the degree of incontinence. Consumers can choose different products according to their needs.

(3) When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate size according to the user's weight and hip circumference, which can be selected by referring to the number marked on the outside of the package.

(4) Pay attention to the water absorption, lightness, air permeability and other indicators of products, and choose products with soft surface and leak proof design.

(5) You should check the validity period when purchasing. You should not buy too much at one time and store too long. Even if you don't unpack, there is a risk of deterioration and pollution.

Precautions for using underwear diapers

(1) Diapers should be replaced in time. When replacing, wash the skin and keep the skin clean, which is conducive to skin health.

(2) After unpacking, it should be placed in a dry and clean environment. The product should not be used after being affected with moisture.

(3) Adult diapers have unique water absorption performance and can not be replaced by sanitary napkins.

The absorbent core of underwear diapers is the same as that of normal adult diapers. In order to meet the demand of large absorption, more high molecular water absorbent resin sap is added to improve the water locking and absorption performance; The night use product also adopts a composite breathable bottom film, which has tens of thousands of breathable pores on the surface to isolate urine. At the same time, it can quickly discharge hot and humid moisture, absorb it for a long time, keep dry and comfortable all night, and prevent users from skin problems due to muggy and humid. It is a very suitable adult diaper for incontinence people.


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